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Which camping toilet is best?

A crucial question you must tackle when planning a camping trip is knowing where and how your group will go to the restroom. While some people are comfortable fully roughing it, others prefer at least a small amount of normalcy while they camp. This is where a camping toilet can help, and a wide variety is available.

If you are looking for a reliable, portable and simple design that takes care of business when you need to, the Blika Upgraded Portable Toilet for Camping is a good choice.

What to know before you buy a camping toilet

Types of toilets

  • Foldable: Foldable or collapsible toilets work well when storage space is minimal, on the road or at home. These may come with a toilet seat or be a plain platform. You can use them over a pit toilet or a bucket.
  • Buckets: Bucket toilets utilize composting to break down human waste. Sometimes, a toilet seat is attached to a bucket that collects deposits. You may add an absorbent material such as cedar pet bedding or newspaper. It is important to use compostable liners for bucket camping toilets. 
  • Chemical flush: Chemical flush toilets seal waste inside the toilet and use added chemicals to break it down. These still require disposal and handling, but some prefer a more sanitized version of waste. These can also be safely emptied at RV disposal stations. 

Toilet height

Little kids might be able to squat anywhere, but people with aching knees and backs might prefer a taller toilet. Anything shorter than a foot will be challenging for older outdoor enthusiasts to use comfortably.


Camping toilets need to be emptied when they are full. How often this happens depends on how many people are using the toilet and how much it can hold. If you prefer fewer trips to the dump, choose a larger capacity camping toilet. 

What to look for in a quality camping toilet

Compostable bags included

For composting bucket toilets, you’ll need special bags that break down in a landfill or pit toilet. Look for toilets that include compostable bags sized to fit. 

Easy to empty

All of that waste has to go somewhere. If it doesn’t go into a bag you can tie off and throw out, make sure the receptacle is leak-proof and easy to carry. 

Solid construction

The last thing you want is your toilet to be wobbly when sitting on it. Look for solid construction and well-crafted design, regardless of what kind of materials were used to make your toilet. 

How much you can expect to spend on a camping toilet

The price varies depending on the type of toilet you purchase and how elaborate it is. Expect to spend $250-$150.

Camping toilet FAQ

Do you have to buy a camping toilet for outdoor adventures?

A. No. Some campers are perfectly content to dig a hole in the woods. However, there are some big advantages of camping toilets over squatting in the wilderness.

  • It’s easier on the joints: If your knees aren’t as flexible as they used to be, a comfortable camping toilet makes it easier to use the bathroom.
  • It feels like home: Even if you love camping off-grid far away from people, it’s nice to bring a little civilization with you. A camping toilet can make even the most desolate place more comfortable. 
  • It’s not public: Public outhouses and restrooms at campsites can be less than desirable. It’s a crapshoot as to whether or not they are clean and well-stocked. Bring your own toilet wherever you go, and you can avoid rolling the dice.

Where do you dispose of waste from a camping toilet?

A. The best place to dispose of waste is at a dumping station that services RVs. Waste can also be disposed of in a pit toilet, but only if it has been collected in a compostable bag.

Some local laws permit dumping waste in a landfill in special areas. Make sure this is legal before you make the trip.

What’s the best camping toilet to buy?

Top camping toilet

Best Blika Upgraded Portable Toilet For Camping

Blika Upgraded Portable Toilet for Camping

What you need to know: This foldable toilet is perfect over a pit, a bucket or a bag.

What you’ll love: This stainless steel camping toilet sits at a regular chair height for comfort. It weighs 4.4 pounds for easy packing and holds 350 pounds. Toilet bags can attach directly to the chair or be positioned over a receptacle. It comes with a carrying bag and toilet paper holder. Try it out for a month and return it for your money back if it does not work for you. 

What you should consider: The toilet paper holder is not sturdy. Most people choose not to use it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top camping toilet for the money

Best Camco Bucket Toilet Seat With Lid And Waste Bags

Camco Bucket Toilet Seat With Lid and Waste Bags

What you need to know: This converts any 5-gallon bucket to a backcountry camping toilet. 

What you’ll love: The seat snaps securely on most standard 5-gallon buckets. It is made of polypropylene. The kit also comes with three leak-proof bucket bags. 

What you should consider: This is just the toilet seat and the waste bags. The bucket is not included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Alpcour Portable Toilet

Alpcour Portable Toilet

What you need to know: If you need a portable toilet that functions most like a conventional, in-home toilet, this one’s for you. 

What you’ll love: This works both indoors and out. It uses water with a 360-degree spray and flush to keep the bowl clean. It works for 50 flushes before it needs to be emptied. It has a 5.3-gallon waste tank and a 3.2-gallon water tank. It comes with a carrying and storage case. 

What you should consider: It is expensive and requires a little more setup than other options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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