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Cooling a room with a fan is a more energy-efficient option than running an air conditioner all day or night. Unfortunately, some fan models sit so close to the ground and their design causes them to struggle to direct the air precisely where you want it. Many also have bright display panels that can be bothersome for those who want to run a fan in their bedroom while they’re sleeping.

Lasko claims to have solved these issues with its portable electric tower fan, which has a space-saving design, three speed settings, oscillation, a night mode and more. The brand claims that they offer more effective circulation than traditional fans while still maintaining a slim design for easy placement in any room. We decided to put the Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan to the test. Here’s how it performed and what we learned.

Testing the Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan

We tested the fan for two weeks in an apartment, making sure to try out the various features. Our tester has used a fan in the past, mainly at night to circulate the air and keep the temperature cool in their bedroom while they are sleeping. Throughout the testing period for the Lasko tower fan, our tester moved it to different spots in their apartment to see how well it cooled small and large spaces. 

After receiving the Lasko tower fan, our tester unboxed it, took a brief look through the illustrated instruction manual and assembled it. This took less than a minute as it only required attaching the tower to the base. 

What is the Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan?

Like other portable home fans, the Lasko fan circulates air in a room to keep you cool. The main difference between it and traditional round models is the tall and slim tower design that gives it a more modern look. This also reduces its footprint, so you can get the maximum airflow without using up a lot of floor space. 

The Lasko electric fan also sets itself apart from the competition with a plethora of smart features that add convenience and functionality. It includes a timer that you can set for anywhere from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, as well as a night mode that automatically reduces the fan speed and dims the control lights. The tower fan has three speeds, an oscillating mode and a remote for convenient operation from across the room.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan price and where to buy

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan

The Lasko oscillating fan costs $60-$70, depending on the retailer. You can purchase it from Amazon, Wayfair and Home Depot.

How to use the Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan

Most people find using the Lasko electric tower fan to be pretty intuitive. There are control buttons on the top of the unit with icons to identify their functions quickly. It also comes with a handheld remote so you can adjust the various settings without having to get up and walk over to the fan. The buttons on the remote have matching icons to those on the fan, but they are also labeled with words like “timer” and “speed” to remove any question about what they do.

To use any functions, press the corresponding button on the fan or the remote. A small indicator light will turn on letting you know it is in your desired mode.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan benefits

There are many things to like about the Lasko standing fan. The overall build quality leads us to believe it will last through a lot of use. Nothing about it feels cheap, so there is no reason to suspect any components will fail. Despite its height, it is very stable.

Because the three speeds vary greatly, each user should be able to find a setting that suits their needs. The oscillation mode does a good job of circulating air through medium to large-sized rooms. The remote makes the fan super convenient to operate since you won’t have to get out of bed or off the couch every time you want to adjust the fan’s speed, oscillation or power. 

Without a doubt, though, the night mode is one of its top benefits. It allows you to set the fan to start at its highest power — or whichever setting you prefer — to cool you and act as white noise to block out any background sounds as you fall asleep. Gradually, the fan will decrease its speed to save on energy throughout the night. Many other fans have much brighter display lights, so we really appreciated the Lasko portable fan’s ability to dim the display, especially at night.

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan drawbacks

Overall, the Lasko oscillating tower fan performs well, but it does have a couple of drawbacks worth noting. We found the timer interface to be a bit inconvenient. Rather than including all 7.5 hours on the display, it only has indicators for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and four hours. Also, you can’t simply input the amount of time you prefer. You have to continuously press the button to cycle through the times until you find your ideal setting. 

For example, to set the fan to run for 3.5 hours, you have to press the timer button several times until the indicator lights are illuminated on the 30 minutes, one-hour and two-hour spots. You also can’t simply cancel the timer with the click of a single button; instead, you have to cycle back through all the settings to reverse them, or turn the fan off and then on again to reset it.

Another issue is the difficulty in cleaning the intake and exhaust grills. In our experience, we found that the fan is not made to be disassembled by the user. This makes it nearly impossible to clean out any dust that collects on the blades or anywhere else the path of air travels. If you are worried about this, you may want to consider a bladeless fan instead, as those models are generally much easier to clean.

Should you get the Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan?

The Lasko portable electric tower fan is a good choice for anyone who wants a versatile fan that is powerful enough to cool a medium- to large-sized room. The added functionality of the night mode and timer make it a great choice for use in a bedroom, but it would be just as suitable for a living room or other common space.

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