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Even if you have a robust cooling system in your home, there are some days when you may need more air circulation to remain comfortable in the summer heat. Still, it can be hard to find the right fan. Ceiling fans can be expensive, box fans are often noisy and if you’ve ever tried a small personal fan, you know they have limited capabilities.

Tower fans, on the other hand, tick many boxes. Although countless models are available on the market, the Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower claims to outperform its competition. Between promises of pushing air up to 100 feet and powerful V-Flow technology, we wanted to see whether it was the best fan to cool our space, so we put it to the test. Here’s what we found. 

Testing the Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan

We tested the Vornado Tower Fan in several rooms of an apartment, including a small bedroom and larger living space. Our tester spent a few weeks testing all of the fan’s settings at various times of day and for different period lengths to assess how the fan held up to stress tests. They previously used a standing fan with limited capabilities to cool these spaces and noted it didn’t circulate air as efficiently as they wanted. 

What is the Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan?

The Vornado 184 Fan is described as a “whole room” tower fan that is powerful enough to circulate air up to 100 feet. Users can customize their cooling experience with four-speed and timer settings. The fan is also equipped with Vornado’s well-received V-Flow Technology, in which the tower has a crosscut ventilation system to deliver constant airflow in multiple directions. 

Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan price and where to buy

Vornado 184 Whole-Room Air Circulator

The Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan retails for $99.99 at Amazon, Kohl’s and Home Depot.

How to use the Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan

It took only a couple of minutes to assemble the Vornado 184 Fan, mostly because it consisted of only three parts: the two-part base and fan. The instruction guide was user-friendly; however, we were surprised to learn that attaching the fan to the base involved a screwdriver, which was not included in the box. We had one on hand, so it didn’t derail our assembly.

After that, we found an available outlet and plugged it in. The power cord length is 3 feet, allowing us to move the fan around the room if necessary. To maximize airflow, particularly in larger rooms, we placed it in corners when possible.  

As far as operating the fan is concerned, we had two options: the onboard control panel or remote control. The control panel was intuitive and easy to navigate with bright LED lights and distinguishable icons. Similarly, the remote control had a straightforward design that was simple to use. 

Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan benefits

The Vornado 184 Tower Fan circulated air effectively in all spaces, including both small and large rooms. We experienced the greatest airflow when we placed it in corners, and the fan also performed well when it was in the middle of larger rooms.  

The fan’s broad range of settings is a high point, particularly because there is a notable difference between speeds. Unlike other fans, the speeds don’t “blur” together, nor did we have to jump over speeds to notice a difference in cooling power. We also appreciated having four energy-saving timer settings.

Because the Vornado 184 Tower has a small, slender footprint, it was easy to find a place for it in every room. The 11-inch base is significantly smaller than most fans, including standing and oscillating fans with bases that typically measure 12 to 16 inches in diameter. The fan was also easy to transport from room to room. 

Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan drawbacks

Although assembling the Vornado Tower Fan was a relatively simple process, we were surprised that a screwdriver was not included. While many people have screwdrivers on hand, we would have liked to have seen at least a mini screwdriver in the box.

The higher the speed settings, the louder the fan runs. Even on the lowest speed setting, the Vornado Tower Fan produced a reasonable amount of noise. We appreciated the sound like white noise, but some may find the volume bothersome or distracting. 

While we didn’t experience any difficulty with the remote control, a few reports show it malfunctions. Some people felt the remote control had a low operating range, and others stated it had to be held at the correct angle to transmit a signal to the fan.  

Should you get the Vornado 184 Air Circulator Tower Fan?

The Vornado 184 Circulator Tower Fan lives up to its promise as a superior fan that circulates air effectively in most spaces, including being one of the best fans for bedrooms and larger living spaces. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful fan who doesn’t mind a bit of background noise. 

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