A charcuterie board is a sophisticated way to serve a variety of foods

If you are searching for a unique way to serve appetizers or light fare at your next get-together, you may want to put together a charcuterie board. Charcuterie consists of meats, cheeses and other foods presented on a serving board. It is easy to prepare, doesn’t require cooking and is often served with wine. In addition to including foods that are perfect for fall and satisfying to guests, you’ll need a few items to make your charcuterie board a success.

We provide recommendations for the best charcuterie board options, accessories and table decor. Whether you’re looking to create a simple charcuterie board or a more elaborate holiday charcuterie board, these picks will take your party to the next level.

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The meaning of charcuterie

The term charcuterie is French and refers to meats that are cured. Because they are precooked and preserved, they are served cold. Bacon, pate, sausage, ham and other preserved meats and cold cuts are commonly included on a charcuterie board. 

Putting together a charcuterie board

While a charcuterie board centers around different types of cooked, cold meats, there are other foods to include that complement each other. Cheeses, nuts, olives, pickles, fresh and dried fruits, raw vegetables, jams, jellies, spreads, sauces and dips are popular items to include. Crackers or bread are often added to accompany the other foods. 

When choosing fall foods, it’s best to opt for those with bold flavors in an array of rich colors to fit the season. However, you can customize your charcuterie board with any items you prefer to fit you and your guests’ preferences. 

Arranging the items on a serving platter is key to creating an attractive and appetizing appearance. There are no set rules to designing charcuterie delicacies, but slicing foods in different thicknesses and shapes and alternating them in various ways will create a beautiful board. 

Choosing a wine to go with your charcuterie board is also a matter of preference. As a rule of thumb, red wine such as merlot or cabernet sauvignon pair nicely with a fall charcuterie board. 

Products you’ll need for a fall charcuterie board

The key component of a charcuterie board is a board designed for serving different types of food. Models that are ideal for this purpose may be referred to as serving or cheese boards. They are typically made of sustainable and easy-to-clean materials like bamboo. Stone boards are also available. Both natural materials add to the character of serving charcuterie. 

You can also use various serving platters and trays made of other materials. One of the most important factors to consider is size. The serving board you choose should be large enough to fit enough food to serve all of your guests. 

When putting together charcuterie fare, you’ll need a sharp chef’s knife to slice the food for the board and a wine opener for the wine you plan to serve. 

Serving the food requires utensils and a few kitchen tools. These include small forks, spoons, knives and cheese cutters. Some charcuterie boards come with these utensils, but you can also purchase them separately. 

Flatware will come in handy for guests to use as they indulge in the meats, cheeses and more. Small dessert-size plates, napkins and wine glasses will complete the charcuterie board experience. 

Top items you’ll need for a fall charcuterie board 

a wooden charcuterie board that has portions that slide out to hold spreading knives and additional snacks

CTFT Cheese/Charcuterie Board and Knife Set

This bamboo board is one of our favorites for its spacious surface and accessories, including cheese picks, cheese knives and two small ceramic bowls. It also has two side drawers and a removable plate that’s made of slate. 

A wooden charcuterie board that has one slide-out portion to hold spreading tools/knives

Bambusi Cheese/Charcuterie Board and Knife Set

Made of bamboo, this board comes with useful tools for hosting an event with a charcuterie board. It includes a wine opener and cheese knives that fit neatly in the on-board drawer. 


Four mini forks, 4 mini spoons, 3 cheese knives of differing shapes and a 2-pronged cheese fork.

Linwnil 12-Piece Charcuterie Utensil Set

Not all charcuterie boards come with utensils. This set has the tools you’ll need at your next gathering, including spoons, forks, cheese knives and a cheese fork. 


A chef's knife with a black plastic handle

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Although it’s available at an affordable price, this knife is strong and easy to sharpen. It features a handle that’s easy to grip and resists slipping during use. 


An assortment of knives, forks and spoons of various sizes

Lenox Portola 65-Piece Flatware Set

Crafted by a top manufacturer, this sleek flatware set comes with 65 pieces, including 12 place settings and a host set. The pieces are made of 18/10 stainless steel and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

An electric wine bottle opener

Oster Rechargeable Wine  Opener

This wine opener easily opens bottles, as it’s powered by a rechargeable battery and has a simplistic design that’s straightforward to operate.

Six wine glasses arranged in a triangle, with the one in front being filled with red wine

Schott Zwiesel Pure Light-Bodied Red Wine Glasses, Set of Six 

Some wine glasses are ideal for serving red wine, like this set of six features a shape that allows the wine to breathe. They are crafted of crystal that’s notably clear and durable. 

Paper plates, napkins and cups with motifs of fall leaves and orange and green pumpkins on them.

Royal Bluebonnet Fall Party Supplies

This set of autumn-themed plates, cups and napkins will add to the fall spirit of your party. It serves 24 people and the paper products are disposable. 

Top fall table decor for your charcuterie board party

various fake pumpkins, pinecones, red and orange maple leaves and branches with yellow berries on them

Turnmeon Fall Artificial Pumpkins

This festive set features artificial pumpkins, maple leaves, pine cones and acorns. They’re small enough to fit on a large charcuterie board without the display looking too crowded. Plus, you can reuse them for Thanksgiving table decor.  

A light beige table runner with black stripes and the words "Hello fall" on it and a small orange pumpkin design.

Artoid Mode Hello Fall Pumpkin Table Runner

This pumpkin-themed table runner has a minimalist yet elegant fall aesthetic. It’s machine washable and comes in beige or blue. 

6 metal tea light holders shaped like turkeys in different poses

Alladinbox Turkey Tea Light Candle Holders

This set of six turkey tea light holders is seriously cute. They’re made of durable metal with a rustic bronze finish, perfect for a Thanksgiving charcuterie board.

9 black wax candles with LED lights as wicks. 2 remotes are also shown.

Hausware Set of Nine Flameless Candles

These black flameless candles will enhance the spooky look of a Halloween charcuterie board. The battery-operated candles have a realistic flicker effect and can be controlled with the included remote. 

8 small white plastic human skull replicas

Boao Halloween Skulls

This set of eight miniature skulls would make an attractive display when interspersed with the flameless candles. They come in four variations in color and size. 

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