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Are GE or LG microwaves best?

Microwaves are a kitchen staple in nearly every household. And since we use them almost daily, purchasing a high-quality microwave is a great way to make your kitchen more efficient without spending a lot of money. Fortunately, there are high-quality, reliable microwaves out there that work with almost every budget. Two of the best-recognized appliance brands are General Electric (GE) and LG. Both brands have different microwaves models, including free-standing, wall-installed or over-the-range. But it may be difficult to decide between the two. Here’s everything you need to know about both brands and how to find the right choice for your needs.

GE Microwaves

GE is a well-known company that’s created several popular appliances over the years. They have a long history of making high-quality appliances and offer microwaves that range from 0.9-2.2 interior cubic feet. Some of their most popular models have plenty of color options, making them a great choice if you want to match with other appliances or decor. 

GE microwaves range from $150 to over $600, depending on the size, features and finish. You can find them at Amazon and Home Depot.

GE pros

If you are determined to match your existing appliances or want options for a new kitchen package, GE has the largest selection of microwave colors. Keep in mind that not every model has a wide selection, but most of their popular microwaves do.

GE is known for creating appliances that offer high-quality performance and extra features. The same can be said of their microwaves. Some of their top-end models even have a steam clean feature, which many consumers think is worth the higher price tag.

GE Cons

GE microwaves are a bit utilitarian-looking compared to other options, including their high-end models. The handles are clunky and don’t blend well with the rest of the appliance. For something so expensive and such an integral part of your daily routine, the industrial look might impact your overall aesthetic.

Best GE Microwaves

GE 1.6 Cu.Ft. Over-the-Range microwave 

GE 1.6 Cu.Ft. Over-the-Range microwave 

This microwave is a consumer favorite thanks to its affordable price, reliability, capacity and multiple color and finish options. It comes in a 1.7 or 1.9 cubic feet capacity.

Sold by Amazon 

GE 2.0 Cu.Ft. Countertop microwave 

GE 2.0 Cu.Ft. Countertop microwave 

If you want a countertop microwave, this has an impressive capacity and plenty of pre-programmed cooking options. The 16-inch turntable is one of the largest on the market and a great way to cook or heat larger dishes while still getting the convenience of a countertop microwave.

Sold by Home Depot

LG Microwaves

For a modern appliance that delivers high style, LG should be at the top of your list. With sleek design details, these appliances look great on the counter or mounted in a wall. They include all of the must-have features you want to see in a modern microwave. If you want a microwave that combines both style and function, this is a great option for you.

LG microwaves cost between $250-$400 depending on features and size. They are available at Home Depot and Amazon.

LG pros

These futuristic microwaves are a great choice for those who want their kitchen to look like something out of “The Jetson’s.” LG microwaves tend to have discreet control panels with a glass cover, sometimes even hidden behind the door. The handles also compliment the microwave finish and some even use a push button for the sleekest look.

The Sensor Cook feature automatically adjusts so that your food is heated perfectly every time. It uses a humidity sensor to determine the right time to stop so you don’t accidentally overheat your food. 

LG cons

EnergyStar does not currently provide energy ratings for residential microwaves, so it’s difficult to tell how effective this is compared to other brands. LG microwaves are more expensive than their GE counterparts, and they have similar features without a noticeable difference in quality or performance. If budget is a top factor for you, LG may be a bit expensive considering the value of their microwaves.

LG also has fewer options available compared to GE. They only have 16 models which aren’t known for their convection oven technology, a popular feature found in GE microwaves.

Best LG Microwaves

LG 1.8 Cu.Ft. Over-the-Range microwave 

LG 1.8 Cu.Ft. Over-the-Range microwave 

This is one of their most reviewed models and comes in the top sought-after colors: stainless, black stainless, and print proof stainless. It is almost $100 more than its comparable GE counterpart but does offer a slightly bigger capacity and some great features.

Sold by Home Depot

LG NeoChef 1.5 Cu.Ft. Countertop microwave 

LG NeoChef 1.5 Cu.Ft. Countertop microwave 

This microwave is a great example of the company’s modern design in an affordable countertop option. The control panel is behind the door, which doesn’t have a traditional handle. What remains is a futuristic microwave that looks like it is a built-in part of a SmartHome while still staying around $200. It also has a Smart Inverter for very even cooking. 

Sold by Home Depot

Should you get a GE or LG microwave?

LG microwaves have a high-tech look to them, so if you want something with a great aesthetic, this may be your best bet. They perform well and have everything you need in a microwave, so it’s a worthy investment for something you’ll use every single day.

However, the performance of most GE microwaves is far superior to LG, and it comes at a lower price. While they may not be as chic, they come in a variety of colors, making them the preferred choice for most consumers. And if you want something to last for a while, GE has a reputation for creating appliances that stand the test of time.


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