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Which pencil pouch is best?

The pencil pouch is a practical accessory designed to keep all your writing implements organized. It’s easy to carry around at work, school or home without fuss or fumbling. While “pencil” is in the name, you can also use the pouch for pens, erasers, scissors, art supplies and anything else you might need on hand. Take a look at the iDream365 Upgraded Hard Pencil Case for a pouch that is sleek, straightforward and made to last.

What to know before you buy a pencil pouch


Pencil cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A standard pencil is 7.5 inches long and so the most basic pencil pouch is at least 7 to 9 inches in length with a width of 1 to 2 inches and a height of 3 to 4 inches. Small pouches fit a few pens and pencils, maybe an eraser or pencil sharpener, and little else.

Larger pencil pouches are about 7 to 9 inches long, but larger in other ways to accommodate more items or to maximize organizational storage options. The width and height for these cases start around 4 to 6 inches.


There are lots of colors and styles from which to choose. Polyester, canvas and plastic are the most common but linen, felt and leather or faux leather are also viable exterior fabrics.

Remember that plastic and mesh are the only transparent or opaque options if you’re looking for something simple that can be examined without being opened.

Closure method

The shape and style dictate the closure method. Most pencil pouches use a zipper closure for convenience. The zipper can go entirely around the case, allowing it to open flat or the zipper can just go across the top in a straight line.

While less common, some pouches use a tie, snap or Velcro closure. These methods are most popular with pouches that roll up to close or have a small top flap that works like the top of an envelope.

What to look for in a quality pencil pouch

Multiple compartments

A pencil pouch designed with organization in mind features at least two to three compartments. Sometimes there are even four. These compartments help you to separate contents based on how often you use them or group things like colored pencils together away from your regular pencils.

The compartments are usually separated by zippers or mesh lining and sometimes contain loops or straps to keep pens and pencils secure.

Shell casing

Most pencil cases have cloth exteriors with no firm structuring to them but some have a hard or soft shell case that keeps the pouch’s shape from changing. These cases are great if you want something that will protect the contents against other things in your backpack or luggage. A shell case is also helpful if you’re carrying around sharp tools and you’re worried one will pierce the fabric.

Grommets vs. handles

Plenty of pencil pouches don’t come with an attachment method but those that do feature grommets or a handle.

  • Metal grommets are great for academic environments where you want the pouch to fit easily in a binder. There are usually three grommets in a row but sometimes cases feature fewer.
  • Handles or fabric loops are great If you don’t use a binder, but still want to hang or carry the pouch by one end. These handles usually aren’t very big but can be clipped to something such as a backpack.

How much you can expect to spend on a pencil pouch

A pencil pouch usually costs around $7-$15, but some pencil pouches designed for artists working with lots of pencils or charcoals can cost up to $30.

Pencil pouch FAQ

How do you wash a pencil case?

A. If the pouch starts to get dirty you can shake out the inside to loosen dirt or spot clean the exterior as needed. Do not machine-wash unless the tag confirms that this is safe to do.

How many pens or pencils can a case hold?

A. Depending on the size of the pouch and which additional items you carry in it, such as your phone or a calculator, the average pencil pouch holds anywhere from 10 to 250 pens.

What’s the best pencil pouch to buy?

Top pencil pouch

best iDream365 Upgraded Hard Pencil Case

iDream365 Upgraded Hard Pencil Case

What you need to know: This polyester case has a semi-hard shell with rounded edges and a zipper closure. It measures 8.46 inches by 3.93 inches by 1.18 inches in size.

What you’ll love: It’s waterproof and shockproof. There are elastic straps and mesh compartments on both sides of the interior to keep writing instruments securely in place. It’s very durable and holds a lot of items. It comes in black or gray.

What you should consider: None of the interior compartments close separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pencil pouch for the money

best Cicimelon Pencil Pouch

Cicimelon Pencil Pouch

What you need to know: This canvas pouch has a fabric exterior and a zipper closure. It measures 7.48 inches by 3.54 inches by 4.13 inches in size.

What you’ll love: It’s attractive, durable and comes in six colors including three pastel tones. It stands upright on its own and features a loop on the end for you to carry it by. It fits 30 to 50 pens or pencils and there are two interior pockets for organization. It can also be used as a makeup or tech accessory bag.

What you should consider: It’s smaller than it looks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

best Easthill Large Pencil Pouch

Easthill Large Pencil Pouch

What you need to know: This wedge-shaped canvas pouch has a fabric exterior and two zipper closures. It measures 8.27 inches by 4.13 inches by 1.4 inches in size.

What you’ll love: The main compartment is spacious. There’s an exterior pocket with two sleeves for organization and a wide loop handle for carrying. It comes in 12 colors, giving you plenty of options from which to choose.

What you should consider: It’s not incredibly durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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