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What are the best patio heaters for 2021?

Make the most of your outdoor living space by investing in a patio heater for those chilly nights outdoors. With a patio heater, you can enjoy your backyard or balcony all year long, even when the temperature starts to drop. They’re easy to use and relatively affordable, making them a great addition to any space.

If you’re considering investing in a patio heater for 2021, you may have some questions about what features to look out for and what to be aware of. The top pick is the AmazonBasics Outdoor Patio Heater, with its 9-foot heat radius.

What to know about patio heaters in 2021

How patio heaters work

Patio heaters allow you to get the most out of your outdoor space. Instead of waiting for the sun to come out, you can use a patio heater to add warmth anywhere you need it. Table-top, full-size electric and full-size propane patio heaters are among the most popular options on the market.

Advantages of patio heaters

When you have a patio heater, summer never has to end. Outdoor restaurants and bars often have them for those chilly summer nights or when seasons begin to change. You can enjoy a drink or meal outside without having to bundle up under blankets and coats. You can maximize your time outdoors and make it a more enjoyable experience.

What to consider when buying a patio heater

Patio heater styles 

No two patio heaters are made the same. You’ll have to decide if you want a full-size or table-top patio heater. There are also a few wildcard options – like parasol patio heaters – that are also available. You’ll want to choose an option that helps you maximize your space and gives you the right level of warmth for your outdoor area.

Radiant vs. convection heat

One of the primary practical considerations is how much heat your product will produce. There are two kinds of heat produced by patio heaters – convection and radiant. 

Convection heat comes from propane-fueled heaters. These patio heaters are ideal for larger spaces or if you’re planning to move around. Radiant heat comes from electric heaters and provides warmth to people and objects without warming up the air. This system is more efficient but is best used in enclosed spaces.

How much you can expect to spend on a patio heater

You can expect to pay between $75-$200 or more for your patio heater. The cost will depend on the style you choose. Table-top patio heaters are easier on the pocketbook, while electric heaters usually come in at the top of this price range. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option, it’s worth investing in an electric patio heater.

Patio heater FAQs

What kind of heat output can I expect from my patio heater?

A. Heat output is something you’ll want to consider before buying your patio heater. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the minimum level of heat output that you want from a patio heater. Table-top electric heaters should provide at least 1,000 watts of heat, while wall-mounted alternatives should be producing a minimum of 1,500 watts. With a table-top propane heater, you should get 10,000 BTU/h, while a free-standing version should be performing with a minimum of 40,000 BTU/h.

What impacts the temperature of my patio heater?

A. When you’re researching patio heaters, you’ll see product descriptions mention a heat range. Every patio heater is different and has different information regarding heat output. Additionally, the weather can have a significant impact on the heat that your system produces. 

What is the best patio heater?

Top patio heater 2021

AmazonBasics Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels

AmazonBasics Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels

What you need to know: This budget-friendly patio heater is available in six color options. It works with a 46,000 BTUs gas heater that covers a 9-foot radius.

What you’ll love: It’s easy to use with push buttons and has a safety auto shut-off tilt valve. 

What you should consider: It has a powder coating that may chip over time, especially if you live in an area with a volatile climate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top patio heater for the money

Pamapic Patio Heater, 46000 BTU Commercial Propane Outdoor Heater

Pamapic Patio Heater, 46000 BTU Commercial Propane Outdoor Heater

What you need to know: It has a versatile fuel source and is a reliable patio heater, producing a consistent level of warmth. This model is a budget-friendly but effective option. 

What you’ll love: You can use propane fuel to run this patio heater with variable heat control. It’s easy to assemble at home.

What you should consider: It can take several attempts to get the ignition to light, and the heater may rust over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

What you need to know: This patio heater has a unique and practical design, giving you a high level of heat output with a versatile setup.

What you’ll love: The tripod design of this patio heater means you can use it in almost any outdoor space. It’s energy-efficient and gives personal heat in any outdoor space.

What you should consider: It can be challenging to find replacement parts if you have any issues with this patio heater.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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