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Which baseball bat display cases are best?

Any baseball fan knows the excitement of catching a home run or a foul ball and getting to go home with it. But what’s better than a ball? A baseball bat signed by your favorite player can be enough to make you smile for a few weeks.

The bat needs to be looked after, and if you think it could be of value someday, you want to put it in a display case. The best solution for a single bat is the DisplayGifts Baseball Bat Solid Wood Display Case. It’s lockable and protects against sunlight.

What to know before you buy a baseball bat display case

How many bats do you have?

Getting a display case for your baseball bats can be easy, but it becomes trickier if you have more than one. Consider how many bats you want to showcase and if you want to group them together. There are different kinds of display cases, and the number of bats you want to display should be factored in.

Are your bats valuable?

Most baseball fans say that all their bats are valuable, but it’s a serious consideration. If you want to display a historical bat or a bat that has significance in the community, a simple display case might not work. Most cases are perfectly suited for displaying, but provide very little protection against theft, smashing of the window or taking it off the wall. If that’s a concern, you may want to look for a more robust or professional solution.

Do you want to display more than just a bat?

You might start off by displaying a baseball bat, but what if you want to add a season-winning ball to it? Are you thinking of adding a championship jersey? Keep in mind that display cases are available in certain lengths and often can’t fit a ball as well. Consider the length of the bat you want to display and make plans for further additions.

What to look for in a quality baseball bat display case

Clear and clean display window

Whether you opt to go for a plastic or glass display window, it’s important that it remains clean and clear at all times. This not only makes your bats look better, but it reduces the chances of small particles entering the case. Most case windows are also treated with a protective coating to block the UV rays from the sun.

Easy to mount

The purpose of a display case is to show friends and family your impressive collection of baseball bats. If you struggle to get the display case mounted, then all your efforts will be for nothing. A quality display case should be easy to mount and often ships with all the screws and brackets you need.  

A lockable window for security

If your bats are worthy to be put in a display case, they’re probably worth a few dollars. To make sure they remain where they are and that nobody opens it, choose a display case with a lockable window. This way, you know your bats will be safe and secure.

How much you can expect to spend on a baseball bat display case

The average price of a baseball bat display case depends on how many bats it can hold, what it’s made from and who the manufacturer is. A display case that can hold one bat generally retails for around $50-$70. A multi-bat display case can cost $100-$200.

Baseball bat display case FAQ

What happens if you lose the display case key?

A. This can put you in a rather stressful situation. Fortunately, if the case was made in the U.S., you can usually contact the maker. They’ll be able to supply you with a replacement key.

Do you need UV protection for your display case?

A. If you value your bats, then yes. UV rays from the sun can damage the bats, and an untreated display cover can make it worse. This will severely devalue your bats and balls.

What are the best baseball bat display cases to buy?

Top baseball bat display case

DisplayGifts Baseball Bat Solid Wood Display Case

DisplayGifts Baseball Bat Solid Wood Display Case

What you need to know: To show off a very special bat, this display case is an elegant solution.

What you’ll love: The case’s backing is made from solid wood with a black finish, and the hinged door is made from durable acrylic. The door can also be locked and provides protection from UV rays. There are metal brackets on the back of the display case, making it easy to mount on a wall. It’s large enough to hold a 33-inch bat and baseball.

What you should consider: If your bat is 36 inches long, there isn’t enough room for a ball as well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baseball bat display case for the money

Tobwolf Baseball Bat Display Case

Tobwolf Baseball Bat Display Case

What you need to know: This option by Tobwolf offers a simple method for displaying a baseball bat.

What you’ll love: Through a simple design of two cradles, a baseball bat can be displayed on a wall by resting it in the holders. Since the cradles aren’t attached, you can separate the holders as much as you like. It’s made from solid wood with a black finish and is easy to install with screws and anchors.

What you should consider: It doesn’t provide any additional protection to the bat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DisplayGifts Pro UV 5 Baseball Bat Display Case

DisplayGifts Pro UV 5 Baseball Bat Display Case

What you need to know: DisplayGifts provides a practical way to display your large collection of bats with this case.

What you’ll love: If you have several bats you want to show off, you’re going to need a suitable display case. This display case is the perfect way to do that, as it has enough room to hold five bats at a time. Made from solid hardwood with a mahogany finish, bats hang vertically in the case. It has a lockable display door that also provides protection against the sun’s UV rays.

What you should consider: It can hold bats up to 36 inches but then there won’t be any room for displaying balls too.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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