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Which cheerleading shoes are best?

Being a cheerleader is glamorous, but it’s not as easy as it may seem. There are many quick and agile movements cheerleaders need to perform constantly, so it’s crucial to have the right shoes.

If you’re a cheerleader looking for quality shoes for game days, the Nike Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes are a top choice. They’re durable, breathable and comfortable to help you perform even the most demanding movements and landings.

What to know before you buy cheerleading shoes


Like other athletic or running shoes, it’s crucial to wear the right size to be at your best. Shoes that don’t fit well can hinder your ability to perform. It’s essential to have ample room in the toe box, but too much space can lead to tripping or falling. It’s worth noting that many cheerleading shoes run small or have a narrow fit, so if you have wide feet, consider buying a size up or a model with a wide-foot variation.

Cheerleading position

There are three types of cheerleaders: tumbler, base and flyer.

  • Tumblers are cheerleaders who perform stunt moves, such as cartwheels, flips and handstands. Tumbler shoes must provide a good grip to prevent slipping and should have plenty of cushioning for stability on landings.
  • Base cheerleaders hold up flyers as they perform their moves in the air. They require shoes with good traction and adequate ankle support.
  • Flyers perform aerial moves, so their shoes should be lightweight and offer enough flexibility for efficient takeoffs and landings. Also, some flyer shoes have finger grooves, making it easier for base cheerleaders to hold them up.


It’s good to check with your coach about any specifications before buying cheerleading shoes. Most shoes are white and follow the same basic style, but some models have varying sole thickness and ankle heights. Also, if your shoes need to match your school’s uniform or team colors, many come with interchangeable inserts or different colored laces.

What to look for in quality cheerleading shoes


Cheerleading shoes should last you a while, but since the activity requires constant high-impact movements, they can wear out faster than you might expect. Cheerleading shoes should be made with durable materials, such as synthetic leather, and they should have reinforced toe and heel areas. The more durable the shoe, the longer it’ll last and the more stability it’ll provide.


It’s essential to keep your feet dry and cool for as long as possible to perform at your best. The best cheerleading shoes have mesh uppers and perforations along the sides for better ventilation and airflow. If your feet are sweaty, you might feel uncomfortable as you move, which can negatively affect your performance.


Stability and comfort are a must for cheerleading shoes, so the midsoles should have sufficient cushioning. Shoes with thin midsoles have less cushioning and offer less shock absorption, making hard landings uncomfortable and possibly even painful.

How much you can expect to spend on cheerleading shoes

You can get a solid pair of cheerleading shoes for $40-$60. However, shoes by top brands with a higher-quality construction cost anywhere from $60-$100.

Cheerleading shoes FAQ

Is it true that you can use any athletic shoes for cheerleading?

A. No. It’s best to use cheerleading shoes, as they’re specifically engineered to provide the flexibility and stability required for movements and stunts, such as jumps, cartwheels and landings. Wearing cheerleading shoes offers the best performance and significantly decreases the risk of injury.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor cheerleading shoes?

A. Outdoor shoes have different treads and provide better traction on surfaces like grass. Indoor shoes don’t offer as much grip and are better suited for use on mats and surfaces like hardwood.

What are the best cheerleading shoes to buy?

Top cheerleading shoes

Nike Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes

Nike Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes

What you need to know: These shoes are made with durable synthetic leather and provide the comfort and flexibility you need for game days.

What you’ll love: They have perforations on the sides and a mesh upper for optimal breathability. A forefoot skin overlay offers extra durability. The wrapped rubber outsole provides excellent grip, and the midsole has plenty of underfoot cushioning for comfort and superior flexibility as you move.

What you should consider: They have a narrow fit, so they might be uncomfortable for those with wide feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top cheerleading shoes for the money

Zephz Tumble Cheerleading Shoes

Zephz Tumble Cheerleading Shoes

What you need to know: These are lightweight, durable and terrific for those who want functional shoes at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: They have a lightweight upper with an embroidered logo and stitched heel and toe areas for durability. The midsole has cushioning for greater shock absorption and a stunt heel for extra stability on tough landings. Also, they come with black, yellow, red, green and blue laces.

What you should consider: They run small, so it’s advisable to purchase a size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Adidas Performance Triple Cheer Shoe

Adidas Performance Triple Cheer Shoe

What you need to know: These durable shoes are breathable, make natural movements easier and provide excellent stability on tough landings.

What you’ll love: These shoes offer superior flexibility, which makes lateral movements more manageable. They have a sandwich upper with a mesh lining for a solid combination of durability and breathability. The synthetic overlays offer additional support.

What you should consider: Buying a half size up is advisable, as some customers complained that the toe area is too tight.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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