LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Cadets with the National Guard Youth Challenge program were out in Little Rock Thursday helping clean up their community.  

The group partnered with the United Cajun Navy, who all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jacob Rowley who works with the Louisiana non-profit said  these kids are filling a gap, helping to pick up the small things left behind after the chainsaws and bulldozers come through.

The group brought with them a sense of hope for those affected by the storm.

“It also too, really brings a sense of hope to the area and the neighborhood we’re in, because they see this bulk amount of kids in vests and hard hats coming in, ready to help them,” Rowley said.

The group was out in neighborhoods off Breckenridge Thursday afternoon.

Rowling added that, at times, the cadets left behind yards so clear the homeowners would even be able to use their lawnmowers without fearing they would run over any debris.