LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Homeowners sort through all of their belongings and memories swept away after an EF-3 tornado hit many cities in Central Arkansas.

“It’s a war zone right now,” Mark Roberson said, whose house was damaged by a tornado.

Roberson said he has lived in his home for 23 years, and in less than thirty seconds it was gone.

“You could just feel the vibration when it was right on top of the house, it passed by so fast,” Roberson said.

He said his family took shelter in their bathroom.

“We went in this bathtub and I covered my wife till it was over with and I heard this tree falling in and the house was shaking and I just knew I was fixing to meet my maker,” Roberson.

One of the children’s bedrooms they grew up in, just feet from the shelter, took extensive damage from a tree.

“I can’t… it’s unbelievable what mother nature can throw at you,” Roberson said.

Roberson said if only the walls could talk, how many memories they would share, but now they will just be bulldozed.

“It’s just finding stuff you forgot about, cherishable memories of when the kids were young, a lot of memories. Twenty-three years of collecting stuff, it all was under that roof, but we are trying to get it out and see what is salvageable,” Roberson said. “I’m just trying to salvage what’s good, and I’m going to throw the rest away.”

He said that amidst all of the destruction, all he said he can think about is putting one foot in front of the other.

“I put my emotions to the side, I really do, I mean you just got to think and try to get everything out and move on with your life,” Roberson said.

Mark said they are planning on moving to a new home and he just tries to have humor to brighten up such a dark time.

He also encourages everyone in Arkansas, no matter where they live, to invest in a storm shelter.