LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For Kimberly Shaw of Vilonia, the opportunity to film a tornado while at the dentist’s office was one she couldn’t pass up, but it later became one she would regret.

“I was videotaping it. Very dumb situation,” Shaw said.

As it grew closer, she urged her husband to come inside. And when a suggestion was made to move from the window, Shaw hesitated.

“I’ve been through two tornados before, the two in Vilonia, but I never got to see one.”

This time not only did Kimberly see it, as the force began to open the door, she was in it. The power of the EF-3 tornado forced Kimberly out the door and off her feet.

“When I got sucked out, I saw debris everywhere. There was debris hitting me it was flying over my head. That’s all I could see was debris everywhere.”

What saved her, was her husband who held on to her the entire time.

“He saved my life,” Shaw stated.

After this ordeal, she is just glad to see her family again.

“It felt amazing to be able to see my kids and know that I’m glad they weren’t with us.”

Her advice for rest of us, is simple.

“Do not videotape tornados, it’s not worth the hype, it’s dangerous, and the only thing you need to do during a tornado is get somewhere safe.”