BEEBE, Ark. – Severe storms Monday produced tornadic activity and strong wings. The damaging elements came in the form of hail, which fell so rapidly in some places that it made the ground appear to be freshly covered in a wintry mix.

“We opened the window and were like, ‘Oh my Lord,'” said Callie Wisdom, who recorded a video of the hailstorm at her parents’ home in Beebe.

Wisdom said the hail started falling around 10:30 p.m., and when she looked out the back door, she noticed golf ball-sized hail falling at a rapid pace, coating the ground in white. 

“I’d just never seen anything like it in my life,” Wisdom said.

The hail accumulated five or six inches on the Wisdoms’ back porch. Elsewhere, hailstones grew to be the size of baseballs, damaging cars and roofs. Wisdom said the damage at her parents’ home was minor.

“Maybe a gutter or hummingbird feeder [were damaged,] but that’s about it,” Wisdom said.

Wisdom said she’s thankful to have simply recorded a weather spectacle rather than experienced a worse, life-threatening storm.

“I even walked inside at one point and was like, ‘Hail is weird,'” Wisdom said. “It’s hot inside. Hail is weird.”