JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Local animal shelters are filling up after many pets were displaced after the March tornados.

The Jacksonville Animal Shelter has taken in almost 30 dogs since the March tornado, and people in the community are doing all they can to help.

“Yeah we are maxed out, we are busting at the seams,” Jacksonville Animal Shelter supervisor Jamie Parker said.

Single, double crates, tail-tail. Inside, outside, and in personal office spaces. The Jacksonville Animal Shelter has dogs in every area they can fit.

“There are so many up here that are risking their lives right now so yeah there is a dire need to get up here and get these animals,” pet owner Tammy Newman said.

Jamie Parker said they are always full, but since the tornado, they have taken in more paws than they can fit.

“We’ve probably taken in 20-25 dogs since the tornado,” Parker stated.

Tammy Newman adopted from the shelter before the tornado hit and she said there is nothing better than being able to help clear space for other pets displaced.

“It feels great to get a dog out of there and open another room for another dog,” Newman said.

Jamie Parker said since they are at the end of their leash, she is only left with one choice.

“I’m not going to be able to hold onto them, I am going to have to start adopting them out. We just don’t have the space and we still have dogs coming in on a daily basis,” Parker said.

“Just get out and adopt, that’s the most important thing,” Newman said.

Jamie Parker said they are going to post all of the animals they have taken in since the tornado on Facebook.

If you are still missing a pet, take a look there, and if you are looking for a furry friend, they encourage everyone to come out and visit.