KIRBY, Ark. – People in the small town of Kirby are picking up the pieces after a storm rolled through that damaged several houses.

Larry Mantooth lives in one of the houses on a main road in Kirby that experienced some of the most significant damage.

He said the house was built in the 1940s and was very special to not only his family, but the prior owners.

The roof of the home is totally destroyed as a result of the severe weather and the rest of the home is impacted, except for the living room.

“It just rained into our house all night,” Mantooth said. “The living area is right there…. it’s not damaged, it’s the only room that didn’t leak.”
Mantooth said he has seen tornadoes from a distance but never up close.

“I’ve seen them in the distance, but I’ve never had a house torn up like this,” he said.

Mantooth’s house is one of the few on the street that had damage. Homes next door and across the street had trees and limbs in the front yard, as well as power lines, though their homes appeared to not be as impacted as the Mantooth home.

As of now, we have not learned of any major injuries as a result of the storm.

Mantooth said things can be replaced, including his house if needed, though people cannot be. He is grateful he and his family are alive.

“Just proud we survived it,” he said. “Life goes on. We’ll be alright.”

Mantooth said his insurance company is looking at the damage today to determine the status of the home, but it very well could be a total loss.