LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Many people in Little Rock are still dealing with the mess left behind after a tornado ripped through central Arkansas six months ago.

Moe Shahed’s yard is like a bad maze, dodging nails, and broken pieces of plywood with every step taken.

Shahed’s house was knocked down during the March 31 tornado and then again in September during another storm. 

“I come here many times, and every day I find something wrong,” Shahed said. “It’s terrible.”

He said things are just getting worse.

“That’s really bad, I’m laughing but that’s really bad,” Shahed said.

It’s been four weeks since the structure went down, and the mess still isn’t cleaned. Wood is being damaged in the rain and trash is piling up.

He said he’s spent over $31,000 on materials and labor since March and now he fears the reconstruction wasn’t done right in the first place.

Shahed said he doesn’t believe the structure was nailed into the foundation and that could be a reason the house fell in September.

“It’s hard for me to rebuild that again because I already spent $31,500 and I can’t afford to rebuild it,” Shahed said.

According to Shahed, the builder doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

Shahed said he has filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office to try and get some of his money back. FOX 16 News reached out to the attorney general’s office for a copy of the complaint and are still waiting to hear back.