Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. discussed the response to a devastating tornado that tore through the city on Friday. He said he was encouraged by the response from leaders across political lines and from all over the state.

“It’s truly a great demonstration of what really matters when it comes to public service,” the mayor said on Saturday. He said that he and Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders wanted to show a “unified front” between the city and the state.

Scott described rescue and recovery as the top priority at time of writing and gave a “big shout out” to the Little Rock Police Department for their efforts to prevent looting in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and all other first responders for their swift response.

He added, “It’s by the grace of God that we didn’t experience any fatalities here in the city of Little Rock, but there are hundreds that have been impacted and displaced.”

The mayor said about 2,100 residents were impacted along the path of the storm. Homes and commercial buildings were flattened along Rodney Parham Road, and close to 30,000 residents are out of power at time of writing.

Scott recommended that any residents who want to help neighbors in need “follow the lead of first responders,” adding that the city will be issuing directives on how people can help shortly.

The Emergency Operations Center is actively working on rescue efforts, rebuilding, and cleanup, while the Unified Command of Little Rock Police and National Guard maintain public safety.

“We want to stress to the residents that we’ve got your back and we’re mission-focused on this and moving our heads towards recovery and response,” the mayor said. He also urged patience while response groups tend to affected areas all over the capital city.