LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The calm after the storm is a little too calm for some Little Rock residents.

According to Entergy, more than 8,000 residents in Pulaski County are still without power Thursday afternoon, following the storm Wednesday.

A spokesperson said that the main cause was uprooted trees falling on power lines due to the 70-80 mph winds, which is close to the same wind speed as the March 31 tornado. The majority of the work is in backyards where it is harder to get equipment.

Scott Reed and Gayle Holmes live across the street from each other in west Little Rock, in a neighborhood that has already been hit once by the tornado a few months ago. Their homes both lost power Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re lucky we have a gas stove and gas water heater that’s on demand, so we’re able to take the car battery and power the gas water heater,” Holmes said.

Reed also said it is the gas stove that is saving his family right now, and he referred to the past 24 hours as “glamping.”

The two made note of the coincidence of the storm hitting their area again, not long after the tornado.

They said while they hope this type of weather does not come back again for a long time for anyone, they feel their area has paid their dues.

“If mother nature wants to pick on another neighborhood, she has my blessing to go, we have had enough,” Holmes said.

A spokesperson for Entergy said the majority of power should be restored by 6:00 Thursday evening.