CONWAY, Ark. — More Louisiana families are in central Arkansas seeking whatever help they can get after escaping Hurricane Ida. Many of them are unsure of what they will return to, and when they can return.

Wednesday more than 10 people said they traveled into Conway in hopes of staying safe. They said now they’re looking for whatever help they can get, from shelter to food. 

It’s been three days since Kayshawn Ford, her family and friends have been in Arkansas and now they’re looking for some assistance.

“All we looking for is help. Everybody need help right now,” Kayshawn Ford said, “Right now we don’t know when we’re going home, some of us lost everything, we gotta start from scratch and the best thing we can do is put our hand out.”

Ford is from Marrero, Louisiana which is about 11 miles outside of New Orleans. She said they just knew they needed to leave. 

She said evacuating is nothing new for her. 

“Because of my daughter’s situation, I got to evacuate for every storm,” Ford said. 

Her daughter is disabled and needs to be in an environment with resources where she can receive medical help whenever she needs it.

“It’s thought but you know like, I just look at my children and I know they rely on me so I have to be stronger for them,” Ford said.

Now she sits and waits to hear more details on her hometown, trying to figure out what’s next. 

“From what I’m hearing, I’m a total loss. I lost everything,” Ford said. “We ain’t got no jobs right now, we lost our jobs, when we go back home we aren’t guaranteed our jobs because we don’t know what we can get back. So anything can help.”

Late Wednesday the family was able to get in contact with Community Action Program for Central Arkansas (CAPCA) and they were able to help Ford. Ford said they have a hotel paid for 12 days and also received food from them.

There are more families in Little Rock and Pine Bluff. The city of Little Rock said after offering free hotel vouchers they had an influx of calls and ask people to be patient when it comes to receiving calls.