Arkansas Lt. Gov. Leslie Rutledge said she was driving home from Batesville when a tornado touched down in Little Rock Friday.

“We diverted off 167 and took Highway 5 at Cabot,” the Lieutenant Governor said Saturday about that drive. “We saw a family park and get out, run with their young children under an overpass.”

Rutledge described that group, and people across the state, as fearful but prepared, crediting local news and emergency services. She said the important thing now is to wrap prayers around those affected and begin the work of recovery and clean up.

Urging caution, she added “Now is not the time to post your own pictures on social media,” warning of possible ruptured gas lines and other hazards in the impacted areas. “If you want to volunteer, if you want to help, please go through the proper channels,” she said.

Rutledge recommend people wanting to serve their community to get in touch with Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

Citing her experience as attorney general before becoming lieutenant governor, Rutledge said she is aware that scam artists are likely already out trying to defraud Arkansans looking for help to repair their homes. She warned against getting in a hurry to get things fixed.

“Report it to your insurance, go through your medical insurance if you have medical needs, go through insurance on your home,” she said. “Do not get in such a hurry that you lose all your money.”

“Let’s get out there. Arkansans, we’ve got this. We’re strong, we’re tough.”