MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ark – Flooding remains an issue Thursday night in some areas after heavy rainfall across Arkansas Wednesday.

Officials in Montgomery County said they’re still dealing with this aftermath working to repair any damage. 

Montgomery County sheriff Neal Thomas said they had a heads up about the heavy rainfall approaching them on Wednesday, but he didn’t expect the amount of flooding they received. 

“We dealt with not only the eight inches, but the runoff from the swell from the rivers in stuff,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said the flooding left damage primarily to bridges and many county roads. 

“A lot of gravel wash out and bridges and wash outs from the county roads,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said the road department has been working to fix four bridges all day Thursday and after they fix those, they will start to repair potholes and county roads. 

He also asks for people’s patience as they work on the repairs.   

Community members like Wade Coffman who is the owner of Pappy’s Riverside Cabins & Campground said that because of the heavy rain on Wednesday, it caused flooding on a big portion of his property that damaged his equipment and ground.

“I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.” Coffman said. “The water came up to (a major part of his property) which is about 100 feet out.”

Coffman said one of the things that shocked him was the debris that washed up on his property from the flooding. 

“I’m surprised by the logs that have washed up, huge logs that weren’t there yesterday and I’m glad to know they didn’t hit the house,” Coffman said. 

He adds that he tried to move some equipment on Wednesday morning before his property flooded too bad, but some things, he couldn’t get in time. 

“I lost some playground equipment, fire rings and a few things (like tables and chairs on the campgrounds),” Coffman said.