PRAIRIE COUNTY, Ark. – The National Weather Service confirmed that two EF-0 tornadoes touched down in central Arkansas over the weekend.

According to the NWS, both tornadoes touched down Saturday in Grant and Prairie Counties. NWS officials said that both were small, brief, and weak.

The survey said that the tornado in Grant County had a peak wind of 65 miles per hour and left no observed damage.

The tornado in Prairie County had a peak wind of 70 miles per hour and affected farming facilities on East Skarda Road. The survey said that the storm blew the roof, doors and propane tanks out of a farm shop in the area.

The storm also left damages to trees and power poles in Prairie County.

While Sunday was relatively quiet following the storms Saturday night, Monday is kicking off a week of potential severe weather.

Most of the state of Arkansas is under some level of severe weather expectations throughout the day Monday, with the strongest chance for severe weather Monday night in the northwest corner of the state.

After dying down early Tuesday, storms are expected to fire back up on Wednesday and Thursday.

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