LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As we continue following last Friday’s storm, we continue to go into neighborhoods where many people are still cleaning up the damage and leaning on each other for support.

Hands come together, and one by one a group tries to rebuild a community in pieces.

“It’s going to be a long time,” Jerry Brown said.

Brown said this is his daughter’s house, one of many that took a direct hit when an EF-3 tornado rolled through west Little Rock.

Luckily she wasn’t home during the storm, others can’t say the same.

“Me and my wife, we were in the crawl space,” neighbor Yun Long said.

Yun Long was home with his family when the tornado hit, but even through the rubble, he said the bond between his neighbors has grown even stronger.

“I think all of this has bound us together now, this is family now,” Long said.

In times of need, family band together, whether they are neighbors, strangers, or just good people.

“We are very grateful for our community and a lot of us are going to build back better, I think it is the spirit of America, we are never going to give up, this is not going to stop us from coming back, we just need the government to help us,” Long said.

“We don’t understand, it is hard, it is tough, but the good Lord doesn’t make mistakes, all of this is for a reason and like Yun said this community will be built back better than ever,” Brown said.

Of course, the clean-up will take time, but will be achieved quicker together.

Neighbors said they are grateful for all church members, community leaders, volunteers, and strangers who have given a helping hand during this time.