NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Wednesday, a community in North Little Rock became outraged after being issued a nuisance notice from the city.

The notices were placed on homes impacted by the March 31 tornado that struck neighborhoods in parts of Little Rock and North Little Rock.

The community was developed in 1985 and is one that neighbors said rarely has crime.

When a nuisance notice was placed on the doors of tornado-stricken homes, people who lived in the area were left confused.

Samantha McGarrell, a resident of the neighborhood said this was the last thing tornado victims of the community needed.

“This shouldn’t even be an issue. Right now, this is not code. We are destroyed here,” McGarrell said.

McGarrell said she was horrified to drive by and see notices on neighbors’ homes.

“This is my home of two decades and the last thing we need is someone to come in here and tell us that we’re not doing a good job as a community, we’re coming together,” McGarrell said. “We don’t need code coming here trying to pull us apart.”

After the photo of the notice gained much attention on social media Wednesday, Mayor Terry Hartwick said he doesn’t why the signs were put up in the first place.

“I didn’t know,” Hartwick said. “When I found out about it, they went out after hours and started picking up those very bad notices.”

Hartwick said that Felica McHenry who runs code enforcement for the city made a simple mistake in judgment.

“She’s really, really good at what she does,” Hartwick said. “I brought her in here this morning, and I said, what are you doing, and she admitted she made a mistake, especially on a tornado victim’s area.”

Hartwick said there have already been disciplinary actions taken in the matter but could not disclose what they were.

“I think she’ll run it by me before she does anything again,” Hartwick said.