SHERWOOD, Ark. – Clean-up efforts were put on pause Wednesday morning as storms rolled through central Arkansas.

There’s a moment of silence as water hits the ground, and troubles seem to fade away for homeowners in Sherwood.

“The rain is soothing to me,” Becky Bajorek said.

Bajorek’s home was damaged in the midst of Friday’s tornados, but sitting in the rain, a minute of peace drowns out the chaos.

“It’s the family get-together house,” Bajorek said. “Mashed, smashed, and shattered.”

Days run together as the Bajoreks try and get a grip on a grim reality that all started Friday afternoon.

“We were watching channel four and they said it’s in Burns Park, it’s in North Hills, and it will be in Sherwood at 2:37 p.m.,” Ted Bajorek said.

The two said they were huddled in their den bathroom, watching as time ticked on.  They said they then heard a loud bang.

“We had two 28-inch diameter trees on this part of the house, and another 28-incher on the back corner of the house,” Ted Bajorek said.

The family’s home had been caved in.

“When you see it on TV you cannot cope with it when it happens to you, you’re just dumb struck,” Ted Bajorek said.

Tarps cover up holes left behind and the family begins its journey on a long road ahead.

“The house can be rebuilt, replaced, all our possessions but were still alive,” Ted Bajorek said.