CONWAY, Ark. — The severe weather Monday night hit one neighborhood in Conway especially hard leaving trees ripped from the ground, dented cars, cracked windshields, broken windows and more.

Jessica Brown has lived in Arkansas for all 30 years of her life and says she’s never experienced weather like this before.

“The hail was definitely larger than golf balls,” Brown said. “The glass went past the couch.”

It was an experience that Brown and her family will never forget.

“I’ve never had my life flash before my eyes like that,” Brown said.

While Jessica’s husband was working in Greenbrier while she, her two kids, and her mother were at their farmhouse when the weather hit. 

“I was just listening to music and podcasts all day, so I was screwed,” Brown said while laughing.

Jessica said that her husband is always weather-aware with multiple weather apps that he pays for, but this six-minute experience was something that no one saw coming.

“I yell at my mom; this is a tornado! Get the kids!” Brown exclaimed. “Then the lights went out.”

Since the power went out, the only way Jessica was able to find her two kids was from the flashes of lightning.

“We hunkered down, right there in the middle of that rug,” Brown said. “I remember thinking that if I don’t hold on to my babies they would be ripped out of my arms.”

However, according to Jessica, her arms weren’t the only ones holding on to her family that night.

“I truly believe that God had his hand on us,” Brown said passionately.

In fact, Jessica’s two-year-old son Jack was so comfortable and tired that he fell asleep in Jessica’s arms right after the severe weather ended.

Jessica wasn’t as comfortable as Jack, but she’s just grateful that everyone is alive and says that it could’ve been a lot worse.