LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Homes in Arkansas that were hit hard in the March 31 tornado suffered even more damage after Thursday night’s thunderstorms.

After several inches of rain fell Thursday night into the early hours of Friday morning, tarps and temporary covers shielding what is left of many homes that couldn’t withstand the constant down pour.

Kay GrandGeorge who once resided at a home on Jamestown Drive recalled the moment the tornado swept through her neighborhood.

“We heard a thump, thump, thump, and it was all over,” GrandGeorge said. “I have never ever been in a tornado before. But now, I can say I have.”

For six years, GrandGeorge said she’s lived in the home, one that can no longer offer refuge.

GrandGeorge says she, her husband, and dog took cover in their bathroom, barely missing the impact of a tree that slammed through their master bedroom.

21 days later, GrandGeorge said with every rainstorm, more damage accumulates.

“Everything’s wet,” GrandGeorge said. “We have a tarp up here and it was full of water, and it’s not full now. So, whatever went, went here.”

GrandGeorge said her way of life has been impacted forever, and as a result, will never be the same.

“This has changed me, from the inside out,” GrandGeorge said. “I’m ok with the rain, and I’m ok with the thunder and lightning, but when the wind picks up. I’m terrified and I go to pieces.”

GrandGeorge said aside from the damage, she’s thankful to simply have her life. She also wants people to know that in the event of a future tornado, safety is paramount.

“If you’ve never been in a tornado and the sirens go off, please pay attention because it could save your life,” GrandGeorge said.