WYNNE, Ark. — The Wynne Public School District is getting help from the community as it tries to salvage what it can after Friday’s tornado reduced much of Wynne High School to rubble.

Students, both current and former, gathered at the school Tuesday to assist the administration in salvaging whatever they could.

But even though most of the school was destroyed when an EF-3 tornado ripped through the community, students and staff want the community to know they are resilient. 

“We actually walked past the school that Friday night and it was heartbreaking, seeing that it’s really gone,” senior Jorgia Moore said.

She and senior Megan Hess say they were shocked when they saw the school they loved reduced to rubble.

“Our class loves being at the football field, loves being like, in the hallways together. It was just really upsetting to see it all torn apart,” Hess said.

Students say this tragedy brought the entire school together Tuesday morning. 

“This needed to be done. I want to be somewhere helping right now. It makes more sense than sitting at home,” Moore said.

And the extra hands are helping the effort.

“We’re clearing the building at a rate we never dreamed we’d be able to clear this building,” said Kenneth Moore, Wynne Public Schools superintendent. 

The superintendent said he walked through the school Monday with engineers to assess the damage. He says while much of the school is a total loss, they managed to map out a few safe zones.

But the threat of more severe weather coming was concerning.

“The structure is just not solid completely, and so, we don’t know with the front side, if it gives out with this wind and rain coming in, fall in more, what it’ll do to the rest of the structure,“ he said.

Moore says even though the high school sustained significant damage, the other schools in the district received little to no damage. He says K-8 students should expect to resume classes soon.

The district is still trying to figure out what the rest of the school year will look like for all 787 high school students. 

Moore says the district’s primary focus is helping the community healing any way it can.

They are still planning a high school graduation next month. Moore said the graduation will take place on the Arkansas State campus, May 20 at 7 p.m.

The school district has a recovery fund. If you would like to contribute, click here.