Arkansas Razorback Football: The Numbers


By Otis Kirk

Arkansas coach Chad Morris and his staff have made no secret of the fact they plan to sign 29 prospects in the Class of 2019.

The Hogs signed 21 players in the early signing period and have since added SMU grad transfer quarterback Ben Hicks. The traditional signing period begins Wednesday. Feb. 6. 

By my count, Arkansas now has 78 scholarship players either enrolled or signed. That would leave them seven spots in the 85-overall. That means Arkansas can now sign a full class of 29 without any other player having to leave. 

Here’s what the scholarship numbers look like at this time.


Returning (3)
Daulton Hyatt, Sophomore

John Stephen Jones, Redshirt Freshman

Connor Noland, Redshirt Freshman

Enrolled (1)

Ben Hicks, Senior

Signed (1)

KJ Jefferson, Freshman

Scholarship Quarterbacks — 5

Running Back

Returning (4)

Chase Hayden, Junior

Devwah Whaley, Senior

Rakeem Boyd, Junior

T.J. Hammonds, Senior

Committed (1)

A’Montae Spivey, Freshman

Scholarship Running Backs — 4 + 1 Committed


Returning (1)

Hayden Johnson, Senior

Scholarship Fullback — 1 (Also Plays Tight End)

Wide Receiver

Returning (6)

Deon Stewart, Senior

Jordan Jones, Junior

Chase Harrell, Senior

Michael Woods, Sophomore

De’Vion Warren, Junior

Koilan Jackson, Sophomore

Enrolled (2)

Shamar Nash, Freshman

Trey Knox, Freshman

Signed (1)

TQ Jackson, Freshman

Committed (1)

Treylon Burks, Freshman

Scholarship Wide Receivers — 9 + 1 Committed

Tight End 

Returning (2)

Cheyenne O’Grady, Senior

Grayson Gunter, Junior

Committed (1)

Hudson Henry, Freshman

Scholarship Tight Ends — 2 + 1 Committed

Offensive Linemen

Returning (9)

Colton Jackson, Senior

Noah Gatlin, Redshirt Freshman

Austin Capps, Senior

Ty Clary, Junior

Shane Clenin, Sophomore

Kirby Adcock, Sophomore

Dalton Wagner, Sophomore

Silas Robinson, Redshirt Freshman

Ryan Winkel, Redshirt Freshman

Enrolled (2)

Myron Cunningham, Junior

Chibueze Nwanna, Junior

Signed (4)

Brady Latham, Freshman

Dylan Rathcke, Freshman

Beaux Limmer, Freshman

Ricky Stromberg, Freshman

Scholarship Offensive Linemen — 15

Defensive Linemen

Returning (12)

Jamario Bell, Senior

McTelvin Agim, Senior

Dorian Gerald, Senior

Briston Guidry, Junior

Jonathan Marshall, Junior

Isaiah Nichols, Redshirt Freshman

Nick Fulwider, Redshirt Freshman

David Porter, Sophomore

Gabe Richardson, Senior

T.J. Smith, Senior

Courtre Alexander, Redshirt Freshman

Billy Ferrell, Redshirt Freshman

Enrolled (3)

Zach Williams, Freshman

Mataio Soli, Freshman

Eric Gregory, Freshman

Signed (4)

Taurean Carter, Freshman

Collin Clay, Freshman

Enoch Jackson Jr, Freshman

Marcus Miller, Freshman

Committed (1)

Dante Walker, Freshman

Scholarship Defensive Linemen — 19 + 1 Committed


Returning (8)

Deon Edwards, Junior

De’Jon Harris, Senior

Bumper Pool, Sophomore

Hayden Henry, Junior

D’Vone McClure, Junior

Grant Morgan, Junior

Andrew Parker, Redshirt Freshman

Giovanni LaFrance, Junior

Signed (1)

Zach Zimos, Freshman

Still Recruiting (3)

Lakia Henry, Junior

Chris Russell, Freshman

Sci Martin, Junior

Scholarship Linebackers — 9


Returning (5)

LaDarrius Bishop, Redshirt Freshman

Montaric Brown, Sophomore

Jarques McClellion, Sophomore

Britto Tutt, Senior

Jordon Curtis, Sophomore

Enrolled (2)

Devin Bush, Freshman

Greg Brooks Jr., Freshman

Signed (1)

Malik Chavis, Freshman

Committed (1)

Adonis Otey, Freshman 

Cornerbacks on Scholarship — 8 + 1 Committed


Returning (4)

Kamren Curl, Junior

Myles Mason, Sophomore

Joe Foucha, Sophomore

Micahh Smith, Junior

Committed (1)

Myles Brooks, Freshman

Still Recruiting (1)

Jalen Catalon, Freshman

Scholarship Safeties — 4 +1 Committed


Returning (2)

Connor Limpert, K, Senior

Blake Johnson, P, Senior

Specialists on Scholarship — 2

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