Brian Wallace returning to Where it Started for Him, Linebacker leaves Team


By Otis Kirk

Arkansas offensive tackle Brian Wallace will return to his home state for his final collegiate game on Friday. 

The Hogs will take on Missouri at 1:30 p.m. on CBS. Wallace signed with Arkansas in the Class of 2014 after a standout high school career at St. Louis Christian Brothers College. On Tuesday, Wallace talked about what it means to play your last game as a collegian in your home state?

“It means a lot,” Wallace said. “Considering like it’s come full circle for me since Mizzou was my first offer. Now it’s the last time I will step foot on the field in full pads.”

Chad Morris was pretty much getting after the team following the game on Saturday. How has the team responded to what he had to say?

“I would say we’ve responded to it in a positive manner,” Wallace said. “We need to focus more. We had an incident happen that shouldn’t have happened and we all realized that. If it does happen we need to get other teammates to check it if we see it.”

Other than that incident, just in general how have the guys responded from the loss last week?

“Like any other bad game you have to bounce back from it and see what you did wrong, correct it and keep moving,” Wallace said. 

When it starts going bad for you guys it seems like it spirals badly. How can you break that cycle maybe in this game?

“If we’re on the same page then we will be where we need to be,” Wallace said. “It takes all 11.”

Coach Morris was saying Monday a team makes their own breaks, but it seems like you guys can’t get one this year. How would it be to have some breaks come your way on Friday?

“I would honestly if breaks go our way it’s a relief, but you can’t stay in that moment,” Wallace said. “You have to keep going, keep pushing and make something happen for yourself.”

Arkansas has three seniors starting on the offensive line. How are the younger offensive linemen who aren’t starting coming along in practice?

“They’re coming along fine,” Wallace said. “They know what to do for the most part. Like if they say they don’t know what to do we go correct them and lead on. But for the most part they know what they are doing and they are physical. I trust in them.”

How do you feel the two freshmen quarterbacks Connor Noland and John Stephen Jones did on Saturday?

“Honestly I feel it’s good experience for them,” Wallace said. “They need it just like anybody else coming in. We all have to play at some point and they need to see what it’s like to get their feet wet.

When Wallace came to Arkansas, his high school teammate Armon Watts also signed with the Hogs in the same class. What have you seen from Armon Watts this season?

“It seems like most people he just bought into the program,” Wallace said. “He believed and trusted himself. There you have it.”

What do you think it means to him having this type season?

“I feel like it means a lot to him,” Wallace said. “He’s really chasing after something that he believes in.”

Derrick Munson Decision

Nickel back and outside linebacker Derrick Munson has left the team. He tweeted out his decision on Tuesday night.

Munson played in all 11 games and had one start this season. He finished with 14 tackles, two for loss and one sack. He played the last nine games of 2017 on special teams, but had no stats. Munson signed with Arkansas out of New Orleans (La.) Archbishop Rummel and redshirted in 2016. 

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