FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — It took less than a day for blind University of Arkansas student Cole Phillips to have his dream come true.

He has raised enough money for him and his dad to go to the Sweet Sixteen game in San Francisco.

“My gosh, I mean it’s indescribable,” Phillips said. “I went from having no spring break plans to the best spring break I’ve ever had.”

From sitting in his dorm room to packing his lucky game day outfit. Phillips said he was jumping up and down with joy when he realized people had donated enough money to his GoFundMe page.

His dad, Brent Phillips, said every time Cole received another $10, his son would call him.

As of Monday, Cole didn’t have enough to pay for his dad, and a game without him wouldn’t be the same. His father is an Arkansas alum and Cole’s “play-by-play” guy.

Cole said he is better at calling the games for him than the radio. Brent said basketball is so important to Cole because he can’t do things others his age would be doing.

“He doesn’t play video games and he doesn’t watch TV, so he listens to a lot of sports,” Brent said.

Both Cole and his dad are overjoyed to be able to go to the Razorback game this Thursday. They said it will be a great bonding experience.

An anonymous donor also gave the two tickets to the game. Cole and his dad have raised just under their $5,000 goal and said they’ll have enough money to go to the Elite 8 game as well.

Cole said going to the game is the highlight of his life and he would like to shake the hand and thank everyone who donated.