Sam Pittman Might Be Open to Scrimmaging Another School in Future

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FAYETTEVILLE — While this isn’t likely to ever happen, at least in near future, but Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy recently floated the idea of scrimmaging another school in the spring.

Gundy mentioned schools such as Arkansas, Texas A&M and Nebraska during his presser.

“Yeah, I mean it would be good for us to scrimmage Arkansas, you got Nebraska, got A&M,” Gundy said during his presser. “There’s teams around that would be good to have a spring game, spring scrimmage, where you would do like the NFL. Do some inside, do some seven-on(-seven), do some team. I would be for that. Just from a numbers standpoint.”

Sam Pittman was asked Saturday about his thoughts on this subject.

“I think if you were a veteran coach, in other words I’d be way more interested in doing it this year than I would have last year if there was no COVID, I’m saying.” Pittman said. “You know, when you’re coming in your first year, you’re trying to get to know your team. Different people do spring ball differently. So, I don’t know that I’d be for that in the first year, but after that I think it could be beneficial, I think.

“I don’t want to take away from any of the other sports, as well, either, but it could be beneficial to scrimmage somebody that would be five or more years down the road that you wouldn’t play them for at least five or more years. But I think someone asked coach about that, I thought he gave a great answer on that. For me, I don’t know whether I’d want to my first year in the program but after that I think that would be very interesting.”

Oklahoma State, like most schools struggles to have a spring game due to depth. That is what led Gundy to this thought.

“So what happens is, when we get into the spring game, on most years we don’t have enough depth to have a real good spring game,” Gundy said. “So the reason we haven’t had one in a while is because I think it’s not favorable for the fans, because we don’t have enough depth, and then you can’t function.

“If you were to play a game against Arkansas or Nebraska or A&M or somebody, and practice game, you could get really quality work. So I would be for that, in just short notice without thinking through.”

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