Eric Musselman Fan of Chad Morris’ Style of Coaching

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By Otis Kirk

Arkansas’ new basketball coach Eric Musselman apparently was a fan of Chad Morris long before the two became coaches at the same school.

On Aug. 19, 2013, Musselman tweeted about Morris, who was then the offensive coordinator at Clemson.

Musselman’s tweet about Morris consisted of a statement the Clemson offensive coordinator had said about his players. Musselman tweeted that Morris knows how far to push his players.

“This ain’t happiness camp. We know as a coaching staff where we want them to be and we’re not there yet and we’ll know when to let up and this ain’t no letup time. We’ve got to keep grinding and keep pushing them and they know that. We’ve got to keep their feet to the fire. We tell them all the time fatigue makes cowards out of everybody and when those young ones get tired, sometimes they melt, and they can’t be melting.”

Morris is set to begin his second season as head coach of the football team. Musselman was hired on Sunday to replace Mike Anderson as head basketball coach. 

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