Former Razorback Stacy Lewis Finishes Eight-Under in NWA Championship


Rogers, AR-

Former Razorback Stacy Lewis wrapped up her final round in Rogers two strokes better

than her effort on Saturday:

Here’s the transcription from our 1-on-1 interview with the Two-time Major Champ:

Drew Amman
  Here with Stacy Lewis and at eight under overall, overall thoughts?
  Stacy Lewis
  It was okay, you know the putt on 18 (missed opportunity for birdie) could’ve been better, the putt on 18 just kind of summed up the whole week…just was so close, and didn’t happen, but you know, I felt like I got better this week.  I felt like the things I was working on were better and you know ready to go for these next five weeks.
  You set the tone a little better.  You had to par on the first, but you birdied the second.
  Yeah I did, got off to a better start, kind of got some better momentum going and hit some better putts today.  That was the thing I was happy about.  While they didn’t go in, I was still happy about it.  While they didn’t go in, I still hit some better putts and ultimate on this golf, you have to putt it good to win.  
  You say the back nine is better for you on this golf course.  You birdied 15.
  Yeah, I feel like when I play the front nine well, shoot under par, then I’m excited because I feel like I can shoot a score there.  You know I feel like the shots just fit my eye a little bit better and you know I was looking for a little bit better finish than that, but the birdie on 15 was nice.
  With all that you’ve had going on in your life on and off the course, what’s it been like since 2014 when you won this thing?
  It seems like forever ago.  You know it’s crazy how much things have changed in my life, personally and the golf hasn’t really changed that much, hasn’t really been as good as I wanted, but it hasn’t really been that bad either and
   it just shows how good the girls on this tour are, you have to play extremely well to win now and you know I feel like I still have that in me.  It’s getting close.
  Final question, trying to qualify for the Olympics, how much does that weigh on your mind?
  It’s always there, you know it’s one of those things you’re always asked about.  What do you think of the Olympics, what do you think about the Zika, what do you think of anything related to the Olympics?  It comes from media, it comes from your family, Pro-Am Partners, you know, it comes up all the time.  It’s hard not to think about it, it’s hard to not watch the rankings, and see where you are.  I’m trying to focus on the little things, what I can control,  because I can’t really control those rankings very much, so I’m gonna go out there and try to give myself a chance to win
the next two weeks, and see what happens.”
  Stacy, thanks very much.
  Stacy Lewis, eight under, here in Rogers.

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