SHERWOOD, Ark. — Golf is a sport that everyone can pick up quickly, especially at a young age. Wrong! Golf is perhaps the most frustrating sport to play, but for some reason there are those who can’t get enough of it.

9-year-old Berklee Turner loves golf so much you can find her on the links of The Greens at North Hills in Sherwood six to seven days a week for four to six hours a day practicing her game.

The Cabot native started golfing when she was five, but her love for the game started when she was two years old when she couldn’t stop playing a golf game on her parent’s tablet.

“We’re thinking, ‘she’s two. Let’s move it off there,'” Berklee’s mom Tracy said. “She would get upset. We’d put Disney back on and she kept going back to the golf game. Then we would drive by the course and she’d go… me play. Me play.”

Berklee tried out dance and gymnastics before getting to the greens.

“Apparently she was tap dancing and talking about how she wanted to play golf,” Tracy said.

When she first started playing golf, she was accidently put in a Sunday scramble competing against two 10-year-old boys. Evidently it was an unfair advantage… for Berklee.

“She went out there and beat two of the ten year old boys and had one crying in the parking lot and the other one throwing his clubs,” Tracy said. “All the parents were like, ‘who is teaching her?’”

That would be Arkansas golf hall of famer Dawn Darter who is currently the head PGA golf pro at The Greens at North Hills.

“She’s a phenomenon at that point,” Darter said. “In most senses she reminds me of me. I had the desire to have this game consume me and that’s what happened to her. There’s nothing that you can tell her that she won’t do. It’s not an argument, she just does it. It’s phenomenal.”

With only four years of playing experience and less than 10 years on Earth, Berklee’s improvement has been incredible.

At the age of six Berklee broke 100. At seven, she started playing in tournaments around Arkansas as her own caddie. At eight, she was ranked 26th in the state for girls ages 14-18.

“When she wants to win something so far she’s been able to do it,” Tracy said. “We’re just along for the ride at this point.”

“She just does it naturally, it’s just amazing,” Berklee’s dad Rob said.

What may be the craziest part of this story is that golf does not run in the family.

“Nobody in our family plays golf, not a single person,” Tracy said while laughing.

So, why does Berklee like a sport so much that usually drives normal people into an unstable level of frustration? Because she loves driving the ball as far as she can.

Currently, Berklee is close to getting her max drive up to 170 yards. She’s seeing a trainer at D1 to increase her strength so she can be as strong as her favorite superhero, Super Girl.

“I wanted to be strong like that and I wanted to be that in my sport,” Berklee said. “That’s how I got the logo.”

She also wants to be like her real life superhero, former razorback and now LGPA golfer Maria Fassi.

“She swings really hard and it goes really far,” Berklee said.

“She got tweeted out from Maria when she won at Alotion that they’ll be watching,” Tracy added. “She got a letter from Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yuracheck saying they would be watching and that hope that maybe one day she would be a Razorback.”

Berklee considers her letter from Yurachek as her most prized possession because she hopes to golf for the Hogs one day.

“I kind of want to be the hometown girl,” Berklee said confidently.

Berklee’s talent is starting to get noticed. Not just around the natural state, but around the continent.

For her age group, she’s ranked sixth out of the U.S. and Canada and will be the only child from Arkansas to compete in the Drive, Chip, and Putt national finals at the Augusta National Golf Club come April.

“I’m very excited,” Berklee said while laughing.

In order to qualify for the national finals, Berklee had to win a tournament at Alotion Golf Club in Roland. The catch is that it was raining all day. Turns out Berklee likes playing in the rain for one reason in particular.

“It’s a challenge and I like challenges.”

“She said she wanted to go to the Masters,” Tracy said in disbelief. “Us as parents are like, ‘Okay.’ We don’t want to say no, but we know how hard it would be. She just kept practicing and getting better and better.”

“She is fearless, but not afraid to fail,” Darter said.

After hearing that Berklee is heading to Augusta to compete on the national stage, the city of Cabot named November 1st ‘Berklee Turner Day’.

“We never expected this,” Tracy said. “You could’ve told me this and I would’ve told you that you were crazy. I thought she was going to do dance and gymnastics. That’s what you do with girls.”

Apparently, not with Super Girl.

“The golf professional that taught me, he’s in the Arkansas hall of fame,” Darter said. “Above his plaque is my Arkansas hall of fame plaque in my pro shop. I told her the other day that her plaque will hang with our plaques and she’ll be in the Arkansas hall of fame.”

Berklee will compete at the Drive, Chip, and Putt national Finals on April 3rd. You can watch on the Golf Channel.