A Mom’s Perspective: Jennifer Martin discusses Casey & his future

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Jennifer Martin, mother of Arkansas shortstop Casey Martin, spoke with our Tera Talmadge recently about her son and his future.

Casey is now draft eligible and has a big decision to make. Will he return to The Hill for another year? Or will he enter the MLB Draft?

That decision still hasn’t been made but Jennifer says, “The whole dream to be an MLB player, that’s the goal. That’s where his mind has been set since high school, well even provably before high school. So not getting to see him, it definitely pulls at this moms heart strings and it will up until everything is done. And if the draft happens and he decides to go, it will always be something that will be the ‘what if’ and give me a little heartbreak that I wont get to see him finish out his season. But in that same breath I am so thankful and we are so blessed to have the seasons we’ve had there.”

To hear more from Jennifer, watch the video above.

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