Bai Jobe Learning Football, Picking up Offers Along the Way Including Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE — Norman (Okla.) Community Christian School may not be a regular stopping place for college football recruiters, but it will be now that Class of 2023 prospect Bai Jobe is there.

Jobe, 6-5, 220, who is from Africa, is new to football, but the college recruiters already know who he is and the attention is getting ready to grow even more. Arkansas offered him on April 16 and Jobe talked about what that offer meant to him.

“It means a lot to me,” Jobe said. “Because it’s my dream like to have some big offers, go to college and finish my schools. My football stuff. I love the offer that means a lot to me.”

Jobe previously was a standout at basketball, but talked about when he started football.

“I started football like six months ago,” Jobe said. “I played like five, six games, not sure how many. I came from Africa and where I came from they don’t know about football. When I first came here I didn’t know anything about football. But this year in the middle of the season I went to watch a football game and like one of my friends was playing for the other team. We used to play basketball together. So I saw he was playing real good.

“My American parents told me yes. My coach from my school he wanted me to play a long time ago, but I didn’t want to play. I told him I’m only going to play basketball.”

But football is turning into a good decision for him as both Washington State and Pitt have also offered him. He is already a four-star recruit with 247Sports with a grade of 90 and the No. 3 prospect in Oklahoma in the Class of 2023.

“I’m just trying real hard to do like my best,” Jobe said. “Trying to be the best I can be.”

When Jobe gets to college he has settled on just playing one sport.

“I’m going to play football in college,” Jobe said. “I don’t want to play two sports at the same time. I like football. I like to be on the field and run.”

Jobe laughed about what his family and friends back in Africa think about football.

“They think football is something crazy,” Jobe said laughing. “When I first called my dad back home and said, ‘hey dad I want to try football.’ He told me, ‘why you want to try football you’re going to hurt yourself?’ Those kind of football. So when I started playing and my dad started watching my games like online and stuff he started liking it a little bit.”

The Norman Community Christian Royals went 11-4 in 2020. Jobe is ready for the upcoming season this fall.

“I’m so excited right now,” Jobe said. “Right now I’m working out to get through it. Last year I was brand new to football, but now I can say I’m not brand new any more. I’ve got to be the best I can be. For sure I’m really for this year for real.”

Being from Norman many have already penciled Jobe in to eventually go to Oklahoma and he addressed that since he has no ties to any school being from Africa.

“I just want to go where I fit,” Jobe said. “Somewhere I will get to play and somewhere I know.”

Jobe talked about his strengths at this time though he will obviously continue to improve in all aspects of his game going forward as he gains experience.

“I like to catch the football and hit people,” Jobe said. “I like to catch the football and go get some touchdowns.”

Jobe, who is very versatile and can play on either side of the ball in college, talked about his positions for the Royals this fall.

“I was supposed to play tight end on offense too, but they don’t have a tight end,” Jobe said. “So I’m going to play a slot receiver. Like a tight end slot receiver. And I play defensive end. I was playing defensive end.

“I’m just going to play whatever my coach wants me to play. Whatever the team needs me. I don’t know if I am going to play D-end next year. Wherever the coach wants me to play is going to be best for me.”

He said his 7-on-7 coach is who talked to the Arkansas coaches about him and got the offer extended.

“He talks to all the coaches,” Jobe said.

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