Did Ole Miss Really Win in 1914?

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By Tyler Priddy

HOT SPRINGS — It has been 107 years since Razorback rival, Ole Miss, supposedly stole the win at the 1914 West End Park game.

The University of Arkansas’s students, fans, and athletic historians believe the Razorback’s full record since 1894 is 720–516–40, with bowls and championships. But an Ole Miss Rebel may dispute these numbers. Because of their close location, the Rebels and Hogs played annually, and were the Razorbacks most played team until they began playing teams such as The University of Texas.

On November 14, 1914, the Rebels won a game 13-7. The University of Arkansas accused Ole Miss of cheating in the game by using an ineligible player known as, “Little” Joe Evans. Evans was a popular baseball player. Ole Miss denies the allegations that Evans was ineligible, stating that Evans was indeed enrolled in the college football athletic program. Before the entrance of Evans in the game the Hogs were up. There was a chance to win, or tie until Evans randomly entered the game. Evans scored a 20-yard touchdown in the third quarter, and put the Rebels above 13-6, which became the final score.

The 1914 Ole Miss game became one of the most disputed games in history, simply, because little was known about Evans. To this day, both the Razorbacks and the Rebels claim the victory of the game that is over 100 years old. Technically, the game is considered disputed. When kick off hits this Saturday, we will have a better look at the real victory of who the winner of this Razorback and Rebel game.

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