Future Hog Takes Stage In High School Musical

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Hunter Henry, one of the nation’s top tight ends in the 2013 class decided last fall he would take his talents to Fayetteville.
But he also decided, before graduation day arrived, there was just one more talent he’d like to tackle.

Performing in a high school musical.

Most associate Henry with scoring touchdowns for the Pulaski Academy Bruins. But this weekend, he transition from Pulaski Academy football, to Pulaski Academy’s rendition of “Footloose.”

“We needed some more guys for the production and some of the other teachers asked if he would do it and he was like, ‘sure,'” said Henry’s drama teacher, Holly Shepherd. “So he showed up at my room one day and said, ‘I wanna be apart of the play.'”

“Well, it was actually me and a couple friends and we actually, were kind of joking about it,” said Henry.

But the joke turned into a reality, as well as a serious commitment.

“Practice was not fun, I won’t lie about that, just like football practice is not always fun,” Henry said.

So, what would Arkansas Head Football Coach Bret Bielema think of all this drama?

“I think he already knows,” said Henry. “I know coach Lunney knows. I was talking to him on the phone and I was like, ‘yeah I’m in this play…’ he said, ‘I already know and I don’t wanna talk about it.'”

But Henry says by far the most challenging part of his new role was mastering the art of dance.

“I’m out there having to like shake my hips, and have to like get real low and shake my hips and stuff and kind of do some different dance moves that I probably would not normally do.”

And besides a new set of dance moves, Henry walks away with a new respect for those in theater.

“I was impressed when I first came, was like, ‘how do y’all remember all these lines?’ I couldn’t remember like six for the first four weeks. And they were memorizing the whole book already, like my lines too. It is a really true talent and you don’t really get to see it until you’re kind of up and personal with it.”

The question is, is there anything he learned on stage that could translate to the football field?

“Who knows? Touchdown dance? We’ll see.”

Something Hog fans may want to keep an eye out for at Razorback Stadium.

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