Hunter Yurachek Among Those Still Hoping for Season

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Photo Courtesy: University of Arkansas Athletics

FAYETTEVILLE — The Mid-American Conference (MAC) canceled fall sports on Saturday and now rumors are flying everywhere that all football could be off for this fall.

That talk was running rampant on Sunday, but then several players including Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence issued a video just before midnight stating a desire to play and laying out some conditions needed.

On Monday morning, Arkansas’ vice-chancellor and director of athletics Hunter Yurachek took to Twitter to show his support for playing football this fall and joining the #WeWantToPlay.

The rally by the players and people in a position to have a voice like Yurachek is different from the earlier headlines on Sunday that indicated the season basically stood little to no chance of happening at the Power 5 level.

With all the back-and-forth happenings it’s probably safe to say the football season while not dead is on life support at best. But Yurachek and the SEC have been very patient so far and letting everything play out before making a quick and hasty decision.

It appears the Big Ten and Pac-12 seem to be leaning to canceling the fall season. From following the Razorbacks and SEC during all this I tend to think they are wanting to wait before making a decision. The key to this could be the Big 12 and ACC. If those two opt to join the Big Ten and Pac-12, assuming those two do end up choosing to cancel the season, then there’s almost no chance the SEC would play as the only Power 5 this fall. But if the ACC and Big 12 also show patience them and the SEC could keep the chances of a fall football season in place at least for the time being.

If there is football this fall it won’t be anything close to normal that some had hoped for as unrealistic as that has been the entire time. There will be a very limited amount of fans in attendance among many other changes.

On July 30, Yurachek stated he felt there was a 90-percent chance for college football this fall. That was after saying 50-50 just a few weeks prior to that. He was asked how it felt to say 90-percent chance?

“It feels great,” Yurachek said. “It really does. To have a plan. And I feel like as we talk to our medical professionals, we are going to have a window to play football safely this year. That’s what really feels good to now that we have a plan put in place. You guys have followed this virus as much as I have since March 11. It changes on a regular basis, and this plan could change. But right now I feel really good about the advice and what the models are showing. This is a great opportunity for us to play college football this year.”

But, as Yurachek warned in that statement, it changes on a regular basis. This week should prove to be huge for the chances of college football this fall. Lawrence has some strong arguments to at least give football a chance.

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