FAYETTEVILLE — Brownsville (Tenn.) Haywood three-star cornerback Jaylen Lewis was one of the two official visitors to Arkansas this weekend.

‘Lewis, 6-2, 175, was all smiles following his official visit when asked his thoughts about Arkansas?

“I love Arkansas,” Lewis said. “This is my first time being here, but it won’t be my last time being here. I love Arkansas.”

What stood out to you to make it such a positive visit?

“Just being around Jalen Catalon,” Lewis said. “Just being around him and just seeing an All-American, a future first-round pick, seeing the facility he’s in, it just blew my mind. And just being around the coaches. All of the coaches are laid back, fun, funny, and it’s just what I like.”

Lewis had been considered a strong Auburn lean prior to this visit. What did the Razorbacks do to make up some ground?

“The coaching staff here is way different,” Lewis said. “Auburn’s coaching staff, I like them, but the coaching staff here is way different. They vibe different, they move different, they talk different. That’s what I like about them.”

Lewis released a Top 10 on May 5, but Arkansas didn’t make it. What changed?

“That man right there, Coach Sam Carter,” Lewis said. “That’s what made me come here. If he ain’t changing me, I know if I come here, he ain’t changing me then. That man right there, that’s what made me come here.”

Anthony Brown is another defensive back from Tennessee who recently officially visited Arkansas. He came back this weekend on an unofficial visit.

“That’s like my little brother,” Lewis said. “He’s bigger than me, but I’m older. That’s like my brother. Whatever he does, that’s what I’m going to do. Whatever I do, that’s what he’ll do. That’s my brother, man.”

How long have you known Brown?

“What’s so funny is we just met each other after my junior season, late December,” Lewis said. “So it’s been a few months, but it feels like we connected so tight and so together that it’s like we’ve been together since young’ins.”

Do you two plan to play together in college?

“Yes sir,” Lewis said.

What’s next for you?,” Lewis said. “I took an official to Auburn earlier in the week. It was nice, but once I got here and got off the plane, I heard fans talking about ‘Go Hogs’ and stuff like that. So the vibe here is just different. My next move right now is my top five, then my commitment date is July 29. So, that’s my next two steps.”

The July 29 date is same as Brown’s announcement. What will the decision come down to?

“After I visit Indiana, I should have it in my head where I want to go,” Lewis said.

Lewis has 35 offers.