Jordan Silver Nicknamed Mr. Positive by Scott Fountain, Among top Long Snappers in SEC

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FAYETTEVILLE — Redshirt senior long snapper Jordan Silver has been a very solid, consistent addition since joining the Razorbacks from Branson (Mo.).

Silver is listed on the roster at 6-foot-1, 235-pounds, but now is larger than that.

“Yes sir, so I am currently, we got measured by scouts when they came in I think last year when we took the Wonderlic,” Silver said. “I’m 6-2, 240 pounds currently. And so I’ve been able to fluctuate my weight a lot throughout my college career and try to build myself to become the person I wanted to be I envisioned and just take those little pieces and kind of add it together. Definitely going against a lot of great guys on defense like punt coverage and stuff like that.”

Scott Fountain, Arkansas’ special team’s coordinator, has given Silver a nickname.

“Jordan, we call him Mr. Positive,” Fountain said. “You can ask Jordan a question and he’s always going to give you the right positive answer. And I think that’s probably carried over a lot for him and his career. He’s a kid that works so hard. He’s a kid that can blossom and put on a lot of weight. or he can cut his weight down. But at the end of the day, Jordan always wants to do what’s best for Arkansas. But as a snapper, that’s the thing I’ve told him, we’ve got to continue to work on his coverage ability, which is always part of it with a long snapper, but the speed of snaps. But the thing he brings is just great accuracy, and hopefully he’ll continue to do that.”

Silver reacted to Fountain calling him Mr. Positive.

“Mr. Positive, there’s another guy in our room who’s always positive as well,” Silver said. “His name is John Oehrlein and they call him Mr. Positive a lot. I feed off his positivity a lot of times as well. He’s always Mr. Happy and ‘next rep, next rep,’ always trying to come in with positivity in these long days of camp. He feeds my positivity. I would say just knowing that it’s a blessing to be here, not looking at life as, ‘Oh I have to do this, I have to do that.’ It’s a blessing that I even get to come into such a great facility and amazing state like this and perform and do my part for the team and being able to contribute. It’s an amazing blessing and I thank God every day for it.”

It’s also possible someone could have nicknamed Silver Mr. Consistency because that is what he has been with the Hogs.

“Being consistent is a vital part of being a long snapper,” Silver said. “The three big things about snapping are being consistent, having great accuracy and having a fast snap time. I pride myself on my accuracy and my consistency as one of the top in the country. But I only got there through people over here at the football center pushing me to be my best version of myself through battling with other snappers.

“You’re only as good as your competition they say. Coach Foundation and the other coaches that I’ve had while I’ve been here have done a tremendous job of recruiting and bringing in great talent to compete against. And iron sharpens iron, so I’m a product of my environment. And I think my environment has put me in the best situation possible.”

Silver talked about what has been his favorite play at Arkansas and another that could have been.

“Yes, so, my sophomore year I recovered a fumble for our homecoming game against Mississippi State, which was one of the highlights so far,” Silver said. “Personal, I guess, for my career, which was very cool. And then we played at Kentucky, and I got a fumble, but the ref didn’t rule in our favor, which you know, it’s up to them. I’m not a ref, so. It was it was cool to do that. I’d be looking to looking to get more eventually, but it’s whatever God has in store for me.”

Silver has served on some leadership committees and urged others to do the same.

“So with the leadership opportunities that I’ve been blessed with is community engagement and SEC Leadership Council has been a major blessing in my life,” Silver said. “Back in Branson, where I’m from, I wasn’t able to engage in the community as much as I was now. Now, it’s an amazing platform here having the Razorbacks because we can reach out to everybody in the state and help anybody with community service. I’ve been blessed to go out, during my time here, and help others in the community, whether it be the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club, 7 Hills Homeless Shelter, just bringing clothes there any time I can. It’s an awesome opportunity and I encourage other people on the team, I encourage others in our specialists room actually, to go and do it because it’s a blessing to them, but it also helps you, as well, because it helps you realize, ‘It’s not always about me. It’s about others. There’s other people in the world that need my help.’ The better I can bless their lives, the better my life can be.”

Arkansas will return to the practice fields today.

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