FAYETTEVILLE — Former Nettleton five-star guard Elauna Eaton will arrive at the University of Arkansas with high expectations from Mike Neighbors and the Razorback fans.

Eaton, 5-11, is one of the most highly-decorated recruits to ever choose Arkansas. Neighbors landed her following a recruiting battle with several other schools. Neighbors is anxiously awaiting for the school to reopen allowing students on campus for Eaton and the others to head to campus.

“If you were  to draw up a prototypical player for us it’s Elauna,” Neighbors said. “Can score. Can drive. Can pass. Can defend. You look at the senior year she had and what she did rebounding. So we really implored her to not come in here expecting a freshman transition period. She needs to come in here ready to play. She is prototypical for what we look for in our perimeter players. She’s got a fast learning curve.  She’s been very inquisitive.

“She’s probably the most devastated in not being able to be here already. She  would have already had been here. She would already be working out.  So trying to keep her patient and help her understand but we’ve got great expectations for her where she won’t get a normal freshman adjustment period. Nobody will because none of us know what it’s going to look like and none of us have ever been through that. So we’ll take it slow at the beginning. But I anticipate that kid to have a really fast learning curve.”

Eaton will come to Arkansas after a near-perfect senior season.

“What she does and what she did this year for Nettleton and for coach (Jason) Smith and getting their team to the State co-championship, it translates,” Neighbors said. “I think anybody who watched her play can see why she’s a really, really good fit at a good time coming in here as a freshman when we’re going to have a bunch of seniors and an opportunity to really be counted on but not have to carry the weight of a team.

“And then knowing next year we’re going to graduate a lot of those kids and a lot will have to fall on her shoulders. We are preparing her already. We are starting even though we can’t have her and can’t mandatorily be doing anything preparing her to make an impact from the second we open this thing back up.”

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