Myron Cunningham Carrying Additional Weight Without Any Issues, Feels it Will be Beneficial

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FAYETTEVILLE — Senior Myron Cunningham is Arkansas’ starting left tackle and has had a very productive career at Arkansas since arriving from junior college.

Cunningham signed with the former staff at Arkansas and was asked to lose weight. When Sam Pittman was hired as the head coach one of the first priorities for him was getting the offensive linemen bigger. Cunningham was listed at 290 on the 2019 roster and truly was probably lighter than that. He’s now listed at 330. Following Tuesday’s practice Cunningham talked about his weight.

“Right now it’s kind of jumping from (3)25 to (3)27 every few days or so,” Cunningham said. “It’s been good though. I’ve gotten used to it, I feel like. I feel like it’s only going to help me being at that weight this season.”

Cunningham being on the Razorbacks this season wasn’t a given since he was a senior in 2020 and eligible to enter the 2021 NFL Draft. Instead, Cunningham opted to take advantage of the NCAA’s COVID rule allowing seniors to return this season. He talked about when he knew he was returning to the Hogs instead of heading to the NFL.

“I would say that I probably knew a little while after the season,” Cunningham said. “I didn’t really know right away because going into the season I had my mind set that I was going to leave and enter the draft and this and that.

“But a little bit after the season, I sit down and talked to coaches about what was best for me and my best interests and I decided to come back.”

Since he opted to return, Cunningham talked about his points of emphasis this spring.

“I would say from a technical aspect I’m just trying to work on hand placement, my eyes, my reads of the defense pre-snap, and just footwork at this weight,” Cunningham said. “I’ve got to get back to just moving quick like I used to, but that’s about it.”

Cunningham talked about how the offensive line has looked this spring.

“I think we’ve come a long way this spring,” Cunningham said. “We’ve made some big strides and improvements. At the start of the spring, we set out to become a more physical offensive line and I think we’ve definitely made major strides in that aspect of the game.”

With two practices remaining this spring, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the offensive line at this time?

“As a whole, I’d say we’ve gotten a whole lot better at running the ball this spring,” Cunningham said. “I’d say that’s probably one of our biggest improvements. At the beginning of spring ball we emphasized physicality and I think that’s helped us in our run game this spring. Somewhere to improve in? I’d say our technical aspects. We’ve just been working this whole spring, we’ve been working to improve them. Just the tiny things that can get you beat, whether that be in pass protection or in run blocking.”

The Razorbacks will practice Thursday and then hold the spring game Saturday at 2 p.m.

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