LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In 2020, COVID-19 canceled the Arkansas High School State Championship Games, 2021 saw postponements and cancellations, 2022 is no different.

Trent Morgan is the head coach of not just the varsity teams but also 5 other teams at Pulaski Academy.

“Next week is a barnburner. We play six games in six nights. If you would, say a prayer for my wife who’s going to be home with four kids all of those nights,” Morgan said.

During the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, Pulaski Academy rescheduled three games that will play this week and next week.

“The past two weeks have been kind of nuts. All the kids missed a lot of games last year, so we as a conference agreed to do our best to reschedule,” Morgan said. “So once somebody asks to postpone, we immediately try to get that game rescheduled for future dates they can play.”

When you manage five different teams, rescheduling is no easy task.

“It’s extremely tough being involved with that many teams and it basically means you’re just not going to have an off night. As coaches we’re willing to do that,” Morgan said. “We love the game; we want these players to get these games in. We’re happy to schedule these games whenever we can.”

According to Coach Morgan, there are two factors that change the most with a bolstered schedule:   fatigue and preparation.

“Obviously when you’re playing that many games in that many nights, players’ legs are going to be shot, the chance of injury increases, the challenge for that is structuring practice. You can’t kill them on a day where you have a game,” Morgan said. “You have to be mindful of their legs and let their legs reset. Preparation, a lot of times the day after a game we’d get together to do a film study. Watch the entire game, break it down. But now, the next day you might have another game.”

“Shorten down the film study, then we also have to get ready for the game that night. I tell the guys it’s almost like drinking through a fire hose, but they responded great, great kids and who doesn’t like to play basketball every night, right?” Morgan said.

“Hopefully the past couple of weeks was just a surge and we’re moving past it. But you never know what you can predict with this,” Morgan said. “Trying to guess it would be foolish. We’re just going to take it day by day and keep rolling on.”