All it took was 16 games for everyone to see that Robert Moore can really play.

Although “The Kid” , as some call him, would’ve loved more time with the team.

“I can’t say enough about how the fans and my teammates treated me and included me into their culture. I love Fayetteville.”

Moore also loved playing at Baum Walker Stadium. However, he admits that he was a bit nervous during his first home game.

“Me and Casey (Martin) ran out for the national anthem and it just hit me in that moment how many people were there,” says Moore. “I looked at Casey and was like dude there’s a lot of people here. He was like what did you expect.”

The freshman soon started to embrace the big crowds though and began making some big time plays. One of the most memorable is his flip to first base against Gonzaga.

“My favorite player growing up was Jose Iglesias and he does that all the time,” says Moore. “I always you know I saw him do that and would practice it. Never thought I’d actually do it in a game. So when that ball was hit I did it and I didn’t even realize I did it until I got the play out. I was running back to the dugout and was like if I would’ve flipped that into the dugout or something that would be my last time playing on this field.”

Thankfully that wasn’t the case and we will be seeing Moore on the diamond next year. And even though his first season as a Razorback was cut short, he’s still finding the good in this unfortunate situation.

“Everywhere we go it looks like negativity and we can find positives through all this. I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my family back home.”

Including his dad, Dayton Moore, who is the General Manager for the Kansas City Royals. Dayton recently made headlines when he announced that all the minor league players in the Royals organization will not be cut and they will be paid for the entire season.

“Just being professional at your job and always doing the right thing. Having integrity. There’s not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have him as my father.”

Our full interview with Moore is below.