The Hogfather: Driving around the world for the Razorbacks

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Many consider themselves to be Arkansas Razorback super-fans, but few can hold a candle to Bob “The Hogfather” Sutton, a nicknamed well-earned.

Sutton has been a Hog fan all his life and for the better part of three decades would drive to every Arkansas football game in Fayetteville from his home in Baytown, Texas. If you roughly add up all the miles Sutton traveled in that timespan, he could have driven around the surface of the earth nearly eight times. And that’s only counting before he retired. Sutton has since been adding on the miles to watch his Hogs play.

But “The Hogfather” has always loved the drives. In fact, Sutton is one of the original members of the Roadhogs, a group of Razorback fans that travel to games, home and away, to support and cheer on the Hogs.

Sutton has witnessed some of the best and worst moments in Arkansas history. But, he may have unknowingly made Hog history himself.

What always keeps Sutton coming back is the Razorback community. He says there’s nothing like it. Win or lose, he enjoys the time he spends with friends and fans, enjoying good food and reminiscing about games of the past. So much so that Bobby “The Hogfather” Sutton would drive eight times around the world to do it all again.

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