Treylon Burks Expects Hogs to Bounce Back Against Ole Miss on Saturday

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Photo by Marty Houston.

FAYETTEVILLE — Junior wide receiver Treylon Burks is among the best in the nation at his position.

The former Warren Lumberjack standout leads the Razorbacks with 22 receptions for 383 yards and two touchdowns. He has carried the ball three times for 14 yards. Burks and the Hogs fell to No. 2 Georgia 37-0 last week and he knows they have to clean up some areas to have a shot against Ole Miss.

“I can take that one,” Burks said. “We’ve put that in the past. Georgia is in the past. We’re moving on to Ole Miss and preparing for Ole Miss. We’re not worried about Georgia at all. They were a good team. They showed it, but we’re not worried about that. We’re just ready to play Ole Miss.”

While they have put the Georgia game behind them Burks did say they learned some lessons there.

“I’d say eliminating penalties,” Burks said. “Just knowing you’re going into another opponent’s environment. It’s going to be loud and all that. It really just goes back to practice. Preparation. How you prepare during the week for them.”

It seems with Kenny Guiton coaching the wide receivers this season there’s a strong emphasis on blocking downfield.

“Really, it’s a big emphasis,” Burks said. “Blocking on the perimeter is big for the running backs on stretch plays, pitch plays. Not only catching the ball — that’s really good — but in the NFL they look for people that’s going to go out there and put their nose into something and block up. That’s what I’m willing to do and what our team is willing to do.”

Saturday’s game will showcase some of the best wide receivers in the SEC. Burks talked about that as well following Tuesday’s practice.

“Like you said, it’s going to be a good atmosphere for us,” Burks said. “We’re just going to go out there and play Arkansas football. I’m going to do that, go play Arkansas football, and I just feel like, shoot, without my teammates I wouldn’t even been able to do anything I’ve done this season. I’m just going to keep playing football.”

Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson is pleased that he has Burks on his side this week and at all times.

“Treylon, his presence in this game is going to be really big, just like it is every game,” Jefferson said. “We’re in SEC play now, so knowing we’re playing SEC ball now, his presence is going to be pretty big. And just the things he can do just to get other guys up, knowing that Treylon is a big target and he creates a lot of separation. So the Ole Miss defense might double down on him in some of the coverages that they run so just gives the other guys an opportunity in one-on-one matchups so just taking advantage of those.”

While obviously there will be some great talent on offense on both teams Saturday, it also appears Ole Miss has an improved defense this year.

“You can tell they’ve gotten a lot better,” Burks said. “They’re a really good team. We’re just going to go play Arkansas Football.”

Maybe one reason they have gotten better on defense is they have adopted part of the scheme used by Barry Odom against them last season.

“Yeah I mean playing our drop-8 defense it’s hard to get open because there’s people everywhere,” Burks said. “But you just go out there, study your film and attack it.”

One thing that happened last season against Ole Miss was Burks made a spectacular catch for a touchdown in the north end zone. Burks was asked if that was his best catch as a Razorback?

“Really, I just treat it as I caught the ball and made a touchdown for the Razorbacks,” Burks said. “It really didn’t mean a lot to me as long as we got the win.”

Former Florida State wide receiver Warren Thompson has helped the Hogs this season. He is third on the team with seven catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. Along the way Thompson was given a scholarship by Sam Pittman. Burks has been impressed with how the former four-star wide receiver has worked out at Arkansas.

“He’s improving really, really, really, really well,” Burks said. “That’s big for him coming into a new offense, so he can keep getting better and better each week.”

As far as Saturday’s game between the No. 13 Razorbacks and No. 17 Ole Miss Burks expects a very exciting game.

 “I feel like it’s going to be a really good game,” Burks said. “The outcome will be the outcome.”

Kickoff is set for 11 a.m. and it will be televised on ESPN.

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