One Moore Thought: Why the numbers don’t matter


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The USA today coaches poll ranked Arkansas number six in the nation in its final 2020-21 basketball poll.

After an exciting season with a strong finish Wess Moore has one Moore Thought about 2nd year of Eric Musselman and the Razorbacks.

And finally, I have One Moore Thought.

Earlier this week the USA today coaches poll ranked Arkansas number six in its final poll.

It got me thinking. Who needs rankings? It really doesn’t matter.

We know Arkansas was a very good team, the best Razorback team we’ve seen in 25 years.

We don’t need a ranking system to verify that.

Their record was 25-7, but that doesn’t even matter. They improved every single month and were a lot of fun to watch.

Those wins and losses really don’t matter.

This team played with heart. They gave everything they had. Heck, I say there’s no need to even keep score. Who needs that?

They play a full 40 minutes. They were also very fundamentally strong.

So I say let’s throw out the numbers.

No rankings, no records, no scores. Who needs numbers? Sounds crazy… a little like the ‘everyone gets a trophy philosophy’.

By the way I turned 50 recently.

I now know, numbers don’t matter. Well maybe they do in sports.

It’s just One Moore Thought.

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