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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Wednesday, the University of Arkansas released seven months of phone records for the number belonging to former head coach Bobby Petrino’s state-issued cell phone.

The records show frequent communication between Petrino and a number belonging to Jessica Dorrell.

FOX16 requested the phone records through the Freedom of Information Act. The University released 305 pages of phone records showing Petrino’s phone called, texted and sent pictures to a phone belonging to Dorrell thousands of times.

The records go back as far as September 12 of last year. FOX16 combed through one billing cycle- September 12 through October 11, 2011.

Petrino’s plan allowed for unlimited texts. During this billing cycle, he sent and received 3344 texts. A whopping 1994, or nearly 60-percent, came from or were sent to Dorrell’s phone.

Forty-nine calls were exchanged during the same cycle. The two phones also exchanged 25 pictures.

The day Arkansas beat Troy in September, the two exchanged 70 texts. When Arkansas faced Alabama the next week, and lost, records show seven texts sent from Dorrell’s phone to Petrino’s phone throughout the day.

Petrino wrote back at 11:30 the next morning.

When Arkansas played Mississippi State in Little Rock in November, the two phones sent 26 texts back and forth after the game.

The records also show that on April first, the pair talked for 16 minutes in the early afternoon before the 6:45 p.m. Crash.

And, Petrino had a 22 minute conversation with Dorrell the day following the accident while still in the hospital.

FOX16 called the number Dorrell gave to Arkansas State Police when they interviewed her about the accident, the number all over the phone records, and left a voice mail Wednesday night. As of the writing of this report, FOX16 has not heard back.

Since Dorrell started working for the university during the current billing cycle, the university doesn’t have her cell records yet, but promises to get them to us as soon as possible.

The university provided Petrino’s records through April 5, 2012.
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) – Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and his mistress exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and nearly 300 phone calls over the past seven months – on game days, before dawn and even as the police report that hastened his downfall was being released to the public, according to a review of his business cellphone records by The Associated Press.

The messages, among some 300 pages of records released under a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to include picture and video files, though there was no way to verify the content. But the records clearly show a married father of four in frequent contact with Jessica Dorrell, a 25-year-old former Razorbacks volleyball player.

Petrino was fired Tuesday night for failing to disclose his relationship with Dorrell, whom he hired last month without disclosing his conflict of interest or the fact he had once paid her $20,000. Athletic director Jeff Long said he had determined their relationship had been ongoing for a “significant” amount of time, but he did not say for how long.

The phone records show that Petrino remained in close contact with Dorrell following the April 1 motorcycle accident in which Petrino suffered four broken ribs, a cracked neck vertebra and scrapes and bruises

That day, Petrino and Dorrell went for a motorcycle ride on a two-lane highway southeast of Fayetteville and skidded off the road. Petrino and Dorrell talked for 16 minutes earlier that day before the crash at 6:45 p.m., and they also had a 22-minute conversation the following day – while Petrino was apparently still in the hospital recovering.

Petrino’s accident report was disclosed by state police on April 5, and the two talked 11 times that day. That included a pair of 2-minute calls around 3:30 p.m., when police were releasing the report that for the first time exposed her presence at the accident.

Later that evening, as questions swirled about his future at Arkansas, Petrino exchanged four calls with his agent, Russ Campbell, totaling 10 minutes.

The cellphone records show Petrino and Dorrell were in contact at least as far back as Sept. 12. The university provided nearly seven months of Petrino’s business cellphone records, and that is the first date listed. Among the findings:

Petrino, a married father of four, exchanged 91 texts with Dorrell on Sept. 13 and 84 texts with her over five hours on Oct. 28, the day before a game at Vanderbilt. On Oct. 17, the two swapped 73 text messages, and on four days in a row in the week before a loss to eventual national champion Alabama, Petrino called Dorrell early — at 5:52 a.m., 6:35 a.m., 5:49 a.m. and 7:55 a.m.

The day Arkansas beat Troy, the two exchanged 70 texts. They exchanged 26 texts the day Arkansas beat Mississippi State and four following the Razorbacks’ loss to LSU on Nov. 25. Dorrell sent Petrino during Arkansas’ Cotton Bowl win over Kansas State, though the coach didn’t reply until the following day.

The 51-year-old Petrino built Arkansas into a national power, including a 21-5 record over the past two seasons and a No. 5 ranking in last season’s final AP poll. He was expected to lead the Hogs on a national title run next season, but his career was effectively ended the day of the accident.

Petrino didn’t disclose her presence on the ride until the police report was issued; he told his boss, athletic director Jeff Long, about 20 minutes before the report was released to the public.

The records show Petrino’s six-minute call to Long at 3:11 p.m., the call during which the coach first told Long of his inappropriate relationship with Dorrell and her presence at the accident.

Petrino has issued a lengthy apology and said he was focused on trying to make amends to his family.

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